Tooth Filling Sensitive To Hot And Cold Treatment

Sugary sweets and hot or cold drinks can make your teeth throb and sting. Surgical gum grafting is helpful for people who have lost their gum tissue, as this will protect the exposed roots. Tooth sensitivity is associated with a lot of symptoms that includes pain and discomfort in your mouth.

Sugary sweets and hot or cold drinks can make your teeth throb and sting. Surgical gum grafting is helpful for people who have lost their gum tissue, as this will protect the exposed roots. Tooth sensitivity is associated with a lot of symptoms that ... More

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Aggressive periodentic disease

Dear sir /madam My name nagendra I have facing aggressive periodental disease from 1and half year and mangalore Yenopoya hospital nalli treatment thagondidini but no improvement and day by day bones loss aagtha barthidhe please giving the suggestions about this diseases

Mouth Problems

Problem right now i have, is my mouth. It gets constsntly very dry, like very very dry. Waking up in the morning and mouth is so dry that it hurts, like burning. Also, my mouth ceiling has abnormal color which i dont know, if this is normal or not. Also, my left ear from the inside is red and skin is a little bit scaling. Im uploading a picture showing my mouth ceiling


My Dentist completed the RCT in one sitting. Waiting to complete the fixture of tooth cap. But my friends wondered and telling me that, RCT requires minimum 3 sitting apart from the fixture of crown. In my understanding , if there is no deep decay and severity , it can be done in a day.Any comment?

Teeth problem

I have a whole in my teeth I got treated with root canal 5 years before how to fill it please help me.

Bottom jaw shifted forward

I've recently had a really bad ear infection. I've found it hard to chew down on things. I've just realised that my entire row of bottom teeth have come forward! I used to have a slight overbite but no dentist or peer had ever commented. Now my bottom and top teeth rest on each other. I've googled overbites and underbites and this seems the preferred choice however not if it results in me not being able to chew! Is this a permanent change? Should i go and see a dentist?

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What Should You Do if Your Tooth Has Been Knocked Out of the Socket?

Before you can reach the dentist, if your tooth has been knocked out, try to move it around as little as possible. First thing you can try to do is to put the tooth back into a socket. To help with this you can try to bite down on a wet tea bag or moistened ...

Crooked Teeth?? What the Clear Aligners Are???

 “I want those invisible braces, the ones nobody can see.”We’ve all heard this wish from a gap-toothed patient.Orthodontic treatment with CLEAR ALIGNERS is a quickly growing sector of orthodontic treatment. Both the increase in awareness of esthetics and the increase in ...

Dental Implant

A dental implant is a procedure whereby a metal fixture is placed into the jawbone (this is usually a screw), and this implant acts as a support or anchor for a new false tooth, or set of teeth.Dental implants are the next best thing to your healthy, natural teeth.  Strong and ...

Dental Health Care Resolutions for the New Year

Dental Do’s and Don’ts We plan to exercise more, eat a bit less, choose healthier foods, and take time to enjoy family and friends. All worthwhile intentions. But, how many commit to taking better care of their oral health? Though everyone wants to be able to chew their favorite ...

Do You Know Dental Caries Are Contagious?

Sugar-laden candy bars aren’t the only cause of cavities. Tooth decay actually results when bacteria in your mouth feed on food debris (starchy, sticky foods are a primary culprit) and produce acid as a by product. This mix of food, acid, saliva, and germs clings to your teeth as a filmy ...

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