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I want to quit tabacoo

I chew tabaco 10-15 times a day. I want to quit it please help. And also my tooth are getting dark. Please help.


Actually i want to consult for braces.. thats why i am searching who can out for this searching and i can get good doctor who ll give me proper answer.

Pain in tooth

Whenever he eats anything food particles stuck in his teeth.then he used to remove that food particles through food removing stick and after that pain starts

Braces treatment

Only last week I got my braces removed. I had ceramic braces on both upper & lower teeth. Now that my teeth are straight I have noticed that my face is visibly slim, cheekbones are jutting out & the entire face has a sunken look. My question is will my face regain the original shape & fat and how long will it take to see the results. I did not have any extractions. Thanks for your time & advice.

Pimple and blackhead prob

I'm 22 my skin have so much pimple nd blackheads nd also a pimle spot Right now I'm using garnier achno fight face wash nd i think it helps me alot .before using dis i used 1-2 yrs before a medicine cream lyk deriva cms gel or benzoyl peroxide 2.5% etc

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Wisdom teeth- The Problems & Their Solutions

What are impacted wisdom teeth?Wisdom teeth are molar teeth, which are the last to erupt into the mouth, usually after the age of 15 years, or even much later. They are four in number – one each situated in the four corners of the mouth, behind the second molar teeth and have no clearly ...

World Smile Day

SMILE, THE UNIVERSAL LANGAUGE OF HAPPINESSEver wondered what is it about kids that their mere presence spreads happiness? Yes, you guessed it right! It is their innocent beaming smile. Babies are born with the ability to smile. Kids do not need to know about a person before smiling and that is ...

Alveolar Bone Grafting in Cleft Surgery

Alveolar bone grafting surgery is one of the most important parts of treating cleft lip, alveolus, and cleft palate defect. Therefore, it is essential for the patients to get treated at the right point of time to avoid any long term issues. The best time for this surgery is around 9-11 years ...

Zirconia Crowns - How Are They Better Than the Regular Crowns?

Zirconium crowns are one of the most important and most recommended types of the crowns in the recent times. Individuals who want aesthetic artificial teeth for themselves prefer choosing zirconia crowns. Patients often have curiosity regarding the composition or the materials used in the ...

Gummy Smile? - Help Is at Hand

Gummy smile is quite commonly seen in many patients. Smiles look “gummy” when the proportions of the gum tissues dominate the teeth when the individual smiles. Other factors that need to be considered are Size and shape of teethLength of upper ...

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