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6 yr girl coughing at night mostly.

Can I give grilinctus syrup to her and if yes what should be the dose. My daughter is around 24 kg. I feel it's not dry cough and wanted an expectorant to be dosed. As I use to take grilinctus so I have a bottle with me.

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How much mg of paracetamol is given to new born. After that 3 months baby .how much MG ? After that 6 months baby how much mg.. After thatv1 year baby how mucH mg

1 month okd baby have fat globules poop

Hi! My one month old son have amoebiasis and had his antibiotics.. After 7 days, we have his stool checked and the amoeba is gone. 1 week later, we had his stool checked again due to stomach cramps and foul smell poop. Result is fat globules :occasional/lpf. What does it mean? My son is fed mixed, formula and breastmilk. More on formula due to low breastmilk production.


My 6year old daughter is suffering from cough last 4years, Been giving her asthalin & Forocot, but cough doesn't cure. she has very low immunity. Catches cold fast . Are inhalers only to control or they actually cure the problem

Baby pooping dark green

My baby is 9 months old almost 10 months. I am breastfeeding she has been pooping a dark green colour for the last two days is that normal or could she be teething?

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Health Precautions to Take While Sending Your Child to Nursery or Play Way Schools

It’s easier to take care of your child’s health when they are 24×7 with you. As you can monitor everything about their hygiene and eating habits, you are at peace. But once they start going out, it’s a constant battle within your mind on how to make sure that your child is safe from germs ...

Useful Tips on Soothing Fussy Babies

Motherhood is amazing in so many ways. But for new mothers it can be really challenging at times. Especially for the mother who lives in nuclear families, it’s super tough to manage a young baby when he or she makes a lot of fuss.At times, it’s difficult to know the reason behind the ...

Regulating Your Child’s Screen Addiction

The topic is familiar to most parents today. And in fact to anybody who lives around a child in the house. Children today are more addicted to screens today than they ever were. Screens can include television, mobile, or computer screens.The most important reason is obviously the ...

Underweight Child?

Raising a child is a challenging task; this view is common among all parents. There are so many worries related to them, their health certainly is on the top of the list. While illness and other health problems are regular with kids, given changing the weather and other factors, some problems ...

Danger Signs of Cough in Children

Cold and cough are very common in growing years of life. It may be due to change in weather, seasonal allergies etc that can thankfully be controlled easily. But sometimes cold and cough can be dangerous and may indicate serious illness. It is necessary to identify signs that indicate that the ...

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