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Breathing Problems

My Xray report is saying that my Brancho-vascular marking increased on both side what it mean

Bad breath

I have a bad breath problem since last 7 years . I have tried so many remedies but It doesn't helped. What could be done to get rid of it?

Breathing problem

Feeling pain in chest, shortness of breath, feeling tiredness and light fever

Right side pain and swollen.

I am having right side pain especially at bottom of the chest of right back side. It looks swollen and its very pain full sometimes I experience breathing difficulties. Thank you

Shortness of breath, extreme random pain

For a couple years now I’ve had shortness of breath and purple nail beds. Randomly out of nowhere I’ll get extreme EXTREME pain in my chest. Mostly happens on my right side directly under my rib cage which knocks the breath out of me and I can’t take in air. It passes in 30 seconds. Sometimes it happens on my upper left side. I always have shortness of breath. All my scans are clear and doctors don’t seem to believe me. My WBC count is always slightly high but no one bats an eyes

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Tuberculosis and Pregnancy: One Killer, Two Targets

As we all know that tuberculosis is a serious infection which can be life-threatening if not taken care of in time. It is the second largest killer after HIV/AIDS worldwide according to WHO. Pregnancy at the same time is a stage in a woman's life during which she is under a lot of physical and ...

5 Tips to Recover From Cold and Flu

Here are 5 important tips to recover from Cold and Flu:1. Stay home, rest and take plenty of fluidsTake plenty of rest at home which will give your body time to heal. Water, juices and comforting warm beverages will help prevent dehydration and turn thick viscid phlegm to watery ...

Cough - Good for Lungs but for Us?

Pulmonary receptors (cough receptors) in the epithelium of the respiratory tract are sensitive to both mechanical and chemical stimuli. The bronchi and trachea are so sensitive to light touch that slight amounts of foreign matter or other causes of irritation initiate the cough ...

Swine Flu Influenza- All You Need to Know

Swine influenza knownas H1N1 virus flu was first detected in the years of 2009-10 when the diseaseaffected nearly 50,000 people and killed more than 2,700 across India.India has had 8,648 cases and 345swine flu deaths till May 7 this year, compared to 1,786 cases and 265 deathsin 2016. This is ...

Tuberculosis: Myths vs Facts

World Tuberculosis Day: 24th March- Unite to End TBIn 2015, there were an estimated 10.4 million new cases of tuberculosis (TB) worldwide. Each year about 2.2 million people develop TB in India and an estimated 220,000 die from the disease. Mycobacterium Tuberculosis: Bacteria Causing ...

Dr. Hirennappa B. Udnur - Pulmonologist
Dr. Hirennappa B. Udnur Pulmonologist (MBBS, Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases (DTCD), DNB - Respiratory Diseases, Fellow of College of Chest Physcians) 12 years experience Inspire Speciality Clinic
373 recommendations Sahakaranagar, Bangalore INR 350
Dr. H B Chandrashekar - Pulmonologist
Dr. H B Chandrashekar Pulmonologist (MBBS, MD - Pulmonary Medicine) 35 years experience Sriranga Pulmonary Clinic
226 recommendations Malleswaram, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Srigiri S Revadi - Pulmonologist
Dr. Srigiri S Revadi Pulmonologist (MBBS, MD - Pulmonary Medicine, Diploma in Tuberculosis and Chest Diseases (DTCD), FCCP - Pulmonary Medicine) 40 years experience The Bangalore Hospital
242 recommendations Basavanagudi, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. K S Satish - Pulmonologist
Dr. K S Satish Pulmonologist (MBBS, MD - Medicine, MRCP (UK)) 33 years experience Fortis Hospital
66 recommendations Cunningham Road, Bangalore INR 750
Dr. Amruth Sindhu - Pulmonologist
Dr. Amruth Sindhu Pulmonologist (MBBS, DNB - Respiratory Diseases, DAA) 10 years experience Aum Speciality Clinic
38 recommendations Hebbal Kempapura, Bangalore INR 400