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Effusion aprox 1ml dry

I have taken Anti TB treatment 6 month back for 11 month. Now again diagnosed for TB. Effusion remaining constant 1ml. At start of my first treatment it was 1 ml at the end of treatment it was 1ml now again treatment started at 1ml. From last One month My heart rate during day time (3pm to 7pm) reaching 115, temperature 37.2°C (also 37.4°C three day in a month) and feeling uncomfortable to breath, No wait loss observed. So I decided to start anti TB drug as Per my Dr. Now it's about 18 days passed taking drugs but conditions are same as before. So Do I have TB ??? If yes then what is recommendations? ? If No then which Dr. I need to see???


Need Tb specialists . My uncle has been diagnosed with TB.Need to know the specialist for further consultation.

Hand and chest pain

Hello doctor, I am 30 yr old female. For last Two months i have been having left hand along with slight pains on either sides if chest. Mostly when i work too much or lift much weight for little long time, that corresponding hand and chest hurts. I am software engineer, dont have stress, dont smoke or eat nonveg. My bp was normal few days back, cholestrol 150, weight 56kg, no past history of family for heart disease. Also, at night i have too hot feet and hand, feel hot in throat too. I hav check ECG, 2d echo, they were normal, TmT was negative. Is it something that I should worry or some deficiency. If deficiency, when will the pains go away? It's almost 2-3 months now, and the pains make me concerned. Pains are not too unbearable, its like a sensation, pull, sometimes shooting. It mostly starts from hand when I lift weight or ride a bike, slowly it hurts near chest a little and goes away when am off the weight. Pls suggest what to do, when the pains will go away?

Chest pain while breathin

Hi im having a chest pain on the left side while breathing.. what do i do.. its happening since today afternoon.

Chest pain

Having slow chest pain all time form 1 month. and doing any fast work my breating in is increasing ..taken so many muscler pain tablet by docters did chest x ray also . report is normal. dont no what to do. should i do ecg or ct scan

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