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Gap romoving

I have a gap between two front teeth.. how to remove that gap?? My age is 25.. I want to remove that gap.. what is the process & how much it can be cost..

RCT pain problem

My Teeth has pain after RTC treatment, What should I do???Please reply me...

Tmj left jaw

Suffering from TMJ left side from 2 weeks. Crunchy and click sound in the ears when the mouth is widen and open .Earlier had lower back pain due to vitamin D deficiency hence using vitamin D , zincovit, caldikind plus. What further tests are required to detect the problem. Is the damage irreversible ? What can be done to avoid the bone degeneration in future as iam in early 30s ? How to handle the issue ?

Tooth implant

I have a missing tooth in front side. Which method should I go for? Whats the charges, please provide some information. Which method is best in terms of future. Bb

Teeth grinding

Want to know if we can restore the teeth that are worn due to grinding. Is it possible to bring them back to shape?

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Nursing Bottle Caries

Do you think that baby teeth are not important because they are temporary? Think again. Tooth decay in infants and toddlers can often be referred as Nursing bottle caries or Baby Bottle Tooth Decay or Early Childhood Caries.  Baby teeth are necessary for chewing, speaking, and smiling. ...

Choosing Between Electric & Manual Toothbrushes?

From the time we're young, we're taught that using a toothbrush regularly is one of the best ways to keep our teeth and gums healthy. But which toothbrush is best?The earliest toothbrushes were actually small twigs people rubbed against their teeth to get rid of food bits and other pieces of ...

Why Only Pediatric Dentist for Your Children!!

Pediatric dentistry is a branch of dentistry that deals with the children from birth through adolescence. The primary focus of most dental specialties is a particular area of dental, oral, or maxillofacial expertise, whereas Pediatric dentistry encompasses a variety of disciplines, ...

Soft Drinks and Their Effect on Oral Health

Commonly it is called “soda” or “soft drink” or “thanda”, different words are used to identify a carbonated/aerated, sugary cold drink or soft drink which is available in various flavours and different brand names. The advert says drinking it is fun, happiness, fact of life, winning ...

Simple Tips for Good Oral Hygiene

Brushing your teeth in the morning is a routine nobody fails to do. But after a hard day’s work, we are so tired that sometimes we just crash to bed after dinner, without bothering to clean our teeth.This results in poor oral hygiene causing bad breath. Studies report that about 50 – ...

Dr. Pranay - Dentist
Dr. Pranay Dentist (BDS, Fellowship in full mouth rehablitation USA, Fellow of Academy of General Education (FAGE), Fellowship in Endodontics) 9 years experience SmileCure Multispeciality Dental Clinic
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Dr. M. R. Pujari - Dentist
Dr. M. R. Pujari Dentist (BDS, M.B.A(Health Care), FIAGD, FIAACD, MDS - Oral Medicine and Radiology) 13 years experience 32 Smiles Multispeciality Dental Clinic
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Dr. Ramya - Dentist
Dr. Ramya Dentist (BDS, MDS - Prosthodontics) 17 years experience Dental solutions
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Dr. Jaya Agnihotri - Dentist
Dr. Jaya Agnihotri Dentist (MDS - Periodontology and Oral Implantology, BDS) 16 years experience PruDent Multispeciality Dental Clinic & Implant Center
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Dr. Neeraja Raju - Dentist
Dr. Neeraja Raju Dentist (BDS, MDS - Pedodontics) 24 years experience LITTLE PEARLS ™ Specialist dental care center
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