Menarche Problems Treatment

Menarche is the beginning of the menstrual cycle. It is the release of the blood through the vagina. The age of beginning of the cycle differs from girl to girl but the estimated age is 13. Menarche is the sign of a girl maturing. Periods may be irregular during the first few years and there might be heavy bleeding but with time it sets in a regular pattern.

Menarche is the beginning of the menstrual cycle. It is the release of the blood through the vagina. The age of beginning of the cycle differs from girl to girl but the estimated age is 13. Menarche is the sign of a girl maturing. Periods may be irre ... More

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Thyroid problem

Hie am pregnant (2nd month) I got thyroid problem recently I checked with blood thyroid common in pregnancy?after delivery thyroid is cured or not.else I have use tablets life long?My thyroid level is 6.4

Abortion 10 days pregnanc

My cousin is pregnant for 10 days as she has checked at home. Now she doesn't want to keep it further. Is it possible to abort it through medicine? Or she would have to go through traditional way of abortion. Please suggest.

Regarding pregnancy

Me and my gf had sex some 1 and half month before and I used condom.. But she didn't get periods.. She was supposed to get it now... And also she has problems with irregular periods.. We didn't do any test yet.. Bt she is worried she might be pregnant.. But I used condom then... I want to know is it safe to get tests done in any clinics or hospital? Wil the matter be protected and if she is pregnant then is it legal to do abortion and she is worried with her education so she doesn't want the matter to go else where? She is worried to get tests done because of the issue being protected or not?

Periods problem

I had my medical abortion in September . October I have my periods. But November I missed my periods. In Dec 15 I had slite bleeding for 2 days . And on Dec 31 to till now am having my periods. It's not stopping . Meanwhile I have my pregnancy test 3 time but its negative all the time. So I consulted doc she gave me tab but still continues my periods. Aa week back I met my doctor and said till it's bleeding. So my said infertility and she gave me dupston tab for 15 days. Till now I have 7 tablets taken. For 4 days of using them my periods stopped for 4 days . Not completely but bleeding was stopped. But from yesterday onwards. My bleeding had started again. I don't understand what's the problem is . I asked my doctor she said it's OK. But am so worried about this my bleeding problem . It's about 20 days am having my periods. How can be this normal? I really need a suggestion please. Help me out.

Wanted to do abortion

Hi Doctor ... I am 30yrs old , wanted to get the abortion , I am 4-5 week pregnant and wanted to do surgical abortion. I gone through with beta hcg test and TVs ultrasonography. I have my reports with me, please suggest me whether medical abortions is good or surgical. And please guide me about the cost also. Specially for surgical abortion cost.

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Menstrual Problems

Tracking your menstrual cycles can help you understand what's normal for you,time ovulation and identify important changes -such as a missed period or unpredictable menstrual bleeding.While menstrual cycle irregularities usually aren't serious ,sometimes they can signal health ...

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