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My 14months old infant not well

My baby is 14months old today morning he was not feeling well and had temperature too. His new teeth were irritating him and he did a very smelly potty (in liquid form) two times. Elder people at home told me that it's due to the teeth which are coming. My child have not eaten anything as he is not feeling well to eat any of his fav items too. What should I do can I give him crocin & sporlac

6 month old baby girl with UTI

Hello Dr., My 6 month old daughter is diagnosed with UTI. She is prescribed with Cefopodoxime but she vomits after taking the suspension. Is there any alternative for cefopodoxime and dose please.

Allergies, cough & cold, asthma

My son Ankit (7yrs) is very prone to get cough & cold despite precautionary measures. He has asthma too. Is there any remedy to his frequent cough & cold?

Toddler walking

Dear doctor, I've a 18 months old baby who recently started to walk. While walking, itseems she walks a lil hopping and a little cross legged, is this normal for babies who start off with walking?? Also, curious on talking part. She utters many words but those r not clear. Is this normal too?

Abdominal pain

Abdominal pain due to Swollen mesenteric lymph nodes in 10 years old boy since 3 months

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What to Feed Your Baby After 6 Months of Birth?

It can get a bit stressful and be confusing for mothers when their babies turn 6 months old and they have to decide about the kind of food they can give to their young ones. There are certain foods which might affect adversely to your baby’s health hence you have to be very careful while ...

4 Tips to Prevent Cough and Cold in Children During Winter

We have almost started entering the winter season. And as the weather is transiting, there’s a necessity to take care of our children’s health as they are the most susceptible to seasonal illnesses especially cough and cold.To keep your children healthy during winters, here are a few ...

5 Important Steps to Fight Cough in Children.

Coughing is a common issue seen in adolescent age group. It could be due to various reasons such as allergic reaction, pollution, and change in season or any other infection. When any foreign material enters the respiratory system, it produces cough in order to get rid of it. Hence no harm is ...

Useful Tips for Mothers Before Delivery

Useful Tips For Mothers Before DeliveryThere’s no second thought that motherhood is a gift and one of the most beautiful phase of one’s life. But the period that precedes it, that is when you are carrying your baby in the womb, those 9 months is a mix of varied emotions. Sometimes you ...

All You Need to Know About Chikungunya!

Chikungunya is a mosquito borne viral disease caused by the Chikungunya Virus.The virus is typically spread by two types of mosquitoes namely Aedes albopictus and Aedes aegypti and bite normally in the day time, but you can’t be very sure. Keeping in view the increasing terror of Chikungunya ...

Dr. Sathyanarayana R - Pediatrician
Dr. Sathyanarayana R Pediatrician (MBBS, MD - Pediatrics) 38 years experience Dr. Sathyanarayana Clinic
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Dr. Jagadish Chinnappa Pediatrician (MBBS, MD - Pediatrics) 36 years experience Child Central Clinic
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Dr. Varsha Saxena Pediatrician (MBBS, MD - Pediatrics) 21 years experience Anexas Clinic
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Dr. Eash Hoskote - Pediatrician
Dr. Eash Hoskote Pediatrician (DNB - Paediatrics, MBBS, Diploma in Child Health (DCH), PGPN (Boston, USA)) 20 years experience Drishti Kid Care Clinic
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Dr. Sreenath S Manikanti - Pediatrician
Dr. Sreenath S Manikanti Pediatrician (MBBS, MD - Pediatrics, MRCPCH (UK), Diploma in Child Health (DCH), Fellowship in Neonatology) 22 years experience Growing Up Children's Clinic
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