Extradural Hematoma Treatment

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Cervical pain

Screening of lumbar spine reveals disc desiccation at l4 L5 and L5 S1 in the form of reduced signal minimal diffuse disc bulge at l4 L5 level causing intention over tackle sac and bilateral lateral recess narrowing

Right side paralysis weakness

My father is of 60 years..he got paralysis attack in April 2017 .his right side is being affected.now he has recovered alot.but he is not fully able to walk independently.and he is unable to sit in washroom on his own .. His right hand is not fully closed.and he is unable to stand straight.

Increasing Floaters and flashes, Help

Year back I started developing floaters and after few months after getting my retina checked the very next day i saw flashes in my eyes then few days later I could see thousands of sparkle like thing whenever i used to look at the sky. My eyes kept deteioratin, I checked my retina thrice and the doctor told me everything is fine I cant control it and the doct did not know the cause and told me to consult neurologist ,I have bad anxiety and under medication prescribed by Psychiatrist due to it.

Smell headaches back pain sickness

I have been ill for some time due an MRI scan on my nerve endings i cannot constantly feel sick i feel ruined down im tired lethargic tierd trying for a baby

Headache,irritation to sound,eye pain

Iam diagnosed with calcified granuloma in my left frontal lobe.And Iam suffering from right sided severe headache intermittently. MY doctor told me that the pain is not related to granuloma. My question is what might be the risks if my condition prevails?

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65 Interesting Facts About Human Brain!

The human brain weighs on average three pounds or 1.5 kg.Dimensions of the human brain are mind scratching.Average brain width = 140 mm Average brain length = 167 mm Average brain height = 93 mmThe cerebrum is the largest part of the brain and makes up 85% of the ...

5 Tips to Fix Your Posture and Reduce Back Pain

Here are 5 things you need to change in your posture if you frequently suffer from back pain-1. Sit Straight.Most problems can be solved by this simple tip.How to sit in a chair 2. Use Chairs of Proper Height By using the right chair height, you can avoid bending forward ...

10 Tips to Keep Your Back Healthy

Stretch your muscles before exercises or heavyworkMake sure of your work places at comfortableheightAvoid high heeled shoesUse furnitures with good lumbar or back support Take a periodic break and stretch your muscles while doing continuous sitting job ...

Precautions for Those With Fits

வலிப்பு நோய் உள்ளவர்கள் கடைபிடிக்கவேண்டிய முன்னெச்சரிக்கை நடவடிக்கைகள் யாவை ?வீட்டில் ********1. ...

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Always do proper exercise and 5 min meditation to make your body and...

Dr. Satish Rudrappa - Neurosurgeon
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