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Indentation on forehead.

A day back I developed an indentation on my forehead, almost right in the middle. It is not an injury, no scars, no pimples, nothing. Please suggest.

Constant foggines

I have been having dizziness constantly in left side of the forehead and sometimes it also occurs in different regions of forehead. I also have body aches usually relatively high in morning while waking up, concentration problem, little problem while speaking, confusion,ringing in both ears, acute fever. all these are not so sever but they are affecting my daily life and study.

Swelling in eye nerves

Hi Recently visited an eye doctor for eye and head ache while working on computers or watching TV (just few days ago). I have perfect vision and no trouble reading. I was told that the pain is due to dryness and I have been given drops. Doctor also mentioned that I have to consult a neurologist because I have swelling of eye nerves and conduct some scan / test to ensure all is fine. Can you (any neurologist) please suggest what scan or test I should do to check for eye nerve swelling ?

Headache, sore body parts, loss of apet

My sis has had a headache (in the back and the temples) off & on the last month. These past 2-3 days it has been continuous, with severity changing. Her calf muscle has been twitching off & on, & her ankle & the top of her foot (right below the toes) is very sore & hurts even to the slightest touch. Her back of the head hurts if it's touched slightly. She has lost her apetite & isn't drinking a lot. Her heart has been beating fast on & off & her lower back is tender to the touch. No fever.

Post-concussion symptoms

I got a concussion about 3 weeks ago, and i’ve been getting dizzier and dizzier and along with that comes nausea and i’m concerned because it’s affecting day to day life, and the headache doesn’t go away.

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Dr. Satish Rudrappa - Neurosurgeon
Dr. Satish Rudrappa Neurosurgeon (MBBS, MCh - Neuro Surgery, Fellow in Spine Surgery, Fellow Microvascular Anaesthomosis, FRCS - Neurosurgery) 28 years experience Sakra World Hospital
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Dr. N Chandrashekar Neurosurgeon (MCh - Neuro Surgery, MBBS) 26 years experience Sakra World Hospital
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