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I have been advised to take oleanz 20mg for 6 months ...can I stop taking oleanz with out doctors advised

Delayed sleep or no sleep

Initially my wife doesn't use to get sleep naturally sometimes and with time this problem got chronic and now she very rarely get natural sleep, her work timings our not certain and she works in pressurised cabin in air most of time. We consumed weed for fun on our holiday 6 months back, and then she realised that it helps her in sleeping and she can easily sleep after its consumption. We did visited a sleep specialist to find alternative to the drug but he didnt seem to be much helpful he did sm tests and then gave sleeping pills did not explain the problem well nor the route to treatment . We are from Delhi. She consumed sleeping pills for few days and used to get anxiety symptoms after taking pill also sometimes during the day after 10 days of consumption of the pill she stopped getting sleep from it as well. She has again started smoking marijuana for sleeping. Please assist.

Dont know what its called

Today mornings i and my friend had big fight because a miss confusion at moment my friend suddenly told that she was feeling Dizziness after which i just sat beside her and tried to concol her but then she became like a statue and she stopped talking to me after i thought of giving her maza or some juice as i thought it would be better for her dizziness condition l.we walked for the store which was about 100 meters away but on the whole journey she didn't spoke a word and was walking like a body with no life.then she had maza which i gave her and then we crossed the main road .After which i thought of seating so that she could get some rest. after that when i tried to have a conversation with her suddenly she came back and replied to me. When i asked what had happened to her then se replied that she doesn't remember any thing and she was like suprised hearing that se had a maza and walked so long but she didn't remember any thing. I don't know what she is suffering from pls help.

Adiction regarding

I have a problem related to online shopping.i m in deep depression because of career failure.i have lots of anger . irritation.i dnt knw why.for avoiding social term .I had start online shopping.any time I m watching silently and listening music.because of this I spend my all income on shoping.i have negative account because of this habit.i borrowed money from friends for shopping..I feel's became a problem for me.what can I it a mental problem..I m not able to do other thing..regarding study and no job search.what exactly happen.i have not mind feel relax.when I m doing online shopping.just I want to keep silent my self.but by nature I m very talkative girl.but I dnt want to speak .I want to keep my self as much as keep my self silent.i have start taking a medicin avil..I feel trap..and not able to do any thing.


Sometime I suddenly afraid.. Heart beat becomes running fast... What is the solution for that? Let me knows pls

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