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Coughing nd running nose since 3days

My daughter she is 9mnths old she is coughing a lot Nd running nose Eyes is watering Nd sneezing also medicines shall I give ???

Lots of sneezing and watery eyes

My daughter is 6 year old and she has lots of sneezing and watery and red eyes and complaining of itching in her throat.

Urine test report

Hi can some one help on my child urine report. Color pale yellow, appearance-clear,volume-20 ml,ph-6.0, specific Gravity-1.020, sugar-nill,protien-nill,ketone bodies-nil,bile salts-nil,bile pigments -negative,pus cells:3-4,red blood cells:0-1,epithelial cells:3-5,casts-nil,crystals-nil,others-nil. Please help on above report.

Typhoid vaccine minimum age

My son is 9 months old and my son's pediatrician has prescribed typhoid vaccine to him in the 10th month but as per his vaccination schedule the typhoid vaccine is to be given after he is 2years old. kindly suggest is it right to give typhoid vaccine to less than 1 year old baby?

My kid lacks concentration

My kid is 7 yrs old, she is a very active normal kid. She has been doing badly in school, she is having problems in letter sounds & most important she lacks lots of concentration.She forgets whatever she studied 15 mins back, we tried making her write also but its not working. Is my kid under ADHD?

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Best Pediatrician in Sector 40 Gurgaon

Dr. Somendra shukla is a one of the best Pediatrician & neonatologist at Gurgaon.He has vast expierence of 9 yrs in neonatology & pediatrics. He has cleared the prestigious Diplomate of National Board (DNB) and royal college of pediatrics, london (MRCPCH) examinations in pediatrics. He ...

Red Birth Mark Over Face? It Could Be Infantile Hemangiomas

 What is it? Infantile hemangioma or Strawberry Mark is common type of birth mark. It is usually not visible at birth. They increase in size for few months, remain stable for next few months and subside by few years.They are not cancer like growth. They are full of small blood ...

What Is the Size of Newborn Stomach?

” Stomach sizes of Newborn baby in 1st few days of life” Emphasis should be on; “How well the baby is sucking” on breast rather than on how much is the milk output. On first day of life baby’s milk requirement is very less, so milk output is also less (and if ...

Does Your Child Becomes Blue and Seems Lifeless After Crying? It Could Be Breath Holding Spells

Breath Holding Spells:  Your child cries, and stops breathing, and almost turns blue. It is one of the scariest situations for parents. The episode seems life threatening but in reality, it is relatively benign (not serious). And it does not pose any risk to the health of the ...

Does Your Child Has Rashes Over Face, Hand and Legs? It Could Be Hfmd

Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease (HFMD): Hand, foot, and mouth disease is a common viral illness that usually affects infants and children younger than 5 years old.Symptoms of hand, foot, and mouth disease include fever, blister-like sores in the mouth (herpangina), and a skin ...

Dr. Varsha Saxena - Pediatrician
Dr. Varsha Saxena Pediatrician (MBBS, MD - Pediatrics) 21 years experience Anexas Clinic
631 recommendations HSR Layout, Bangalore INR 400
Dr. Sreenath S Manikanti - Pediatrician
Dr. Sreenath S Manikanti Pediatrician (MBBS, MD - Pediatrics, MRCPCH (UK), DCH, Fellowship in Neonatology) 22 years experience Growing Up Children's Clinic
723 recommendations Koramangala, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Sathyanarayana R - Pediatrician
Dr. Sathyanarayana R Pediatrician (MBBS, MD - Pediatrics) 38 years experience Dr. Sathyanarayana Clinic
417 recommendations Indiranagar, Bangalore INR 400
Dr. Chandrashekhar Karnad. S - Pediatrician
Dr. Chandrashekhar Karnad. S Pediatrician (MBBS, Diplomate of national Board pediatric, pediatric infectious diseases course, DNB - Paediatrics, DCH) 16 years experience Kids Health Link
243 recommendations KR Puram, Bangalore INR 300
Dr. Anand Prahalad Rao - Pediatrician
Dr. Anand Prahalad Rao Pediatrician (MBBS, MD - Pediatrics, DNB - Paediatrics) 15 years experience Vijaya Children's Clinic
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