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Cervical pain

I have neck pain. Shoulder Head pain Last 8months Got MRI report says. C3-c4 disc right lateral extrusion mildly mingration to caudal direction with osteophyte complex , mildly intending cord and c4 existing nurve root. What will be treatment. Can I go for acupuncture treatment 1

Constant pressure in forehead

I feel pressure in the center of my forehead and on sides..the pressure remains all day long . This is second episode i am experiencing and have experienced it before also . Previously it last for about 10-15 days. This is the second time i am having same problem. It has been 4 5 days

Nerve compression in spine

Hello doctor I have a nerve compression in spine between L3 , 4 and L5.Doctor advised me for bed rest .so what does doctors bed rest mean ? i have 3 months old baby... can I be out of bed for 4 to 5 times a day...or we she be only on bed. Pls advise

My mother suffirng Head issue

My mom suffering from some head problem She getting unwanted sound on her head That problem not living her to do sleep every night We have done 2 time MRI Scan There mentioned. 1) Anterior pituitary macroadenoma/Apoplexy 2)Right CP Angle Archinoid Cyst 3)Vascular Loops are noted in close proximity to the Root entry Zones of Bilateral 5th nerve complexes neurovascular contact 4)Hypoplalastic Right Posterior Communicating Artery

Weight loss

I have disc protrusion in L4-L5,S1 discs and also have straightening of lumbar lordosis. I want to know there is any relation between weight loss or disc protrusion because i am suffering from last 3 years and i loss almost 20 kg. Please help

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