Antibiotic Associated Diarrhea Treatment

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LFT report shows sgot SGOT 45 & SGPT 96

Is this level a cause of concern? If yes then what could be the probable cause. All other parameters of LFT and kft are normal. I feel fatigue all through the day.


I have problem in i am ate every time its will induce urgent defication sir. I am taken medication albendazole400mg but not recover.

Hard stools, constipation, feeling tired

I've been experiencing constipation for a long period of times since from my school days I am 26. I believed that to be my metabolism. I was tired and feel exhausted without a reAson and it spoiled my studies.i had ulcers in my mouth that won't allow me to eat hot foods even for example sambar . The ulcers come and go. This was a regular thing and my parents say it was some vitamin deficiency . now I have pain in the upper stomach not regular but at times and sometimes severe, I had pale stools, very dark stools, now my stools are hard. It is continuing. I searched the net. I am conform that my symptoms match peptic ulcer and also suspect thyroid problems. I need advice on how to take it to the next level i.e consulting a gastro or endocrinologist?

3.5 mm stone in gall blad

I had done my last ultrsone ..result in having 3.5mm stone in gall bladder but i didnot getting any pain. Please suggest what i have to do

Pain in abdomen, lower.

Lower abdomen has been in pain since yesterday. No nausea/no diarrhea. Pain gets worse right after eating. Diet in check, been eating home made meals for the last few days.

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Blood in Stool

Blood in the stool means there is bleeding somewhere in your digestive tract. It may be a local bleed or may be bleeding from digestive tract (stomach, small/Large bowel) Bleeding may be associated with / without pain.Common diseases which accounts for bleeding have been summarize below ...

Esophageal Replacement for Acid Burns of Esophagus

Accidental or suicidal ingesting of acid or alkali like phenyl, floor cleaner, hydrochloric acid can lead to burns in food pipe and stomach. It can lead to acute swallowing problem or chronic problems like difficulty in swallowing, vomiting food or blood. Early treatment is Endoscopic assessment ...

Acute Appendicitis

Acute appendicitis is severe inflammation of the appendix associated with acute onset of pain in the right side of the abdomen, fever, decreased appetite and vomiting. It is common in all age groups but severe in children and elderly. It is diagnosed after doing an ultrasound of the abdomen and ...

Healing Your Gut

Our gut or digestive system is faced with multiple problems like acidity, loose motions, gall stones, bleeding from rectum, piles, fissures. The main cause is faulty eating habits, drinking less water, eating spicy oily foods, having less fiber in diet, not having timely meals. The best ...

Simple Tips for the Cure of Gastroenteritis

Rainy season brings a lot of fun and excitement, however, it also brings along stomach, intestinal and liver infections known as gastroenteritis and viral hepatitis.All these infections can be prevented by eating hygienic food. The food that we eat should be covered and cooked / boiled. ...

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