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Throat pain /fish bone stuck in throat

About a month ago i was eating "boneless" fish and got 2 bones stuck in throat i fastly drank a big cup of water and they both came back easily. But i still have the sensation of something being stuck there and a mild paini have been to the doctor 3 times only one sent me to get an x-ray (but i didn't because they are useless in this case) and she also said it what mostly likely nothing for the time being. I could eat and breath properly. But that annoying pain won't go away what could it be?

Dental problems

I am suffering from tooth disease from 17 of my teath is broken into lower jaw...I extract my tooth by painless treatment from a dental specialist also a surgeon...

Infected pigeon

A pigeon came in my home. It not sounds good. It is infected. What I should do..? I want to show its pictures.

Aching jaw

I've had an ache in my jaw on the left side for 3 days now and it's getting worse. The pain is going up towards my ear and my ear keeps getting blocked. It also hurts when I open my mouth too wide and it's getting hard to eat because of the pain. It doesn't feel like it's my teeth, it feels like my actual jaw. I don't know if I should see a doctor or a dentist?

Teeth whitening can cause tooth sensitiv

My teeth is yellow. I want to do teeth whitening or bleaching procedure done by dentist.I want to know teeth whitening or bleaching can cause tooth sensitivity? What is the cost of the procedure. Plz explain me in detail?  Whether teeth whitening can cause tooth sensitivity?

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6 Things You Didnt Know Your Dentist Was Doing at Your Dental Checkup

When you walk into a dental consult assuming it’ll be just about that tooth which is hurting you’ll be shocked to know that it’s a lot more than just that.Every dentist is meant to evaluate you on a variety of characteristics starting from your mental make up down to your risk assessment. ...

Celebrate 1st Anniversary

#Celebration timeDr Sachin Mittal’s Advanced Dentistry is celebrating its 1st Anniversary…We thank all of you for the support and trust and making us one of the most trusted brand in terms of best dental treatment in this areaand hope we continue to grow and serve this community with love ...

Oral Health Maintenance#mouthwash#floss#smile#

Oral health maintenance refers to daily care and periodic professional examination of your teeth and gums.Your teeth and gums are given a tough job to do! They are used for eating, talking and for smile.ORAL HYGIENE MAINTENANCE:1.Brushing:Brushing should be done ...

Can You Really Be Comfortable in the Dentist’s Chair?

Does the thought of visiting the dentist make your hair stand on end? Do the sights, sounds and sensation of a dental office unsettle you or make you feel uneasy? At the Dental Bond, we do understand that some people have a fear of visiting the dentist, either due to a bad experience ...

What Is Cleft Lip and Palate (Clcp)?

Cleft lip and palate is one of the most common deformities in Indian children.  It is the oral and facial deformity which affects about 7 in 1000 babies each year. It happens in early pregnancy when the fetus is 7 weeks old inside the womb. The affected child has difficulty in eating, ...

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