Alkaptonuria Treatment

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Levolin syrup

Hello doc I want to know that what ia the use of levolin syrup. is it for dry cough or wet cough, can i use thos for blocked nose Thanks

He is suffering from fever since two day

Since two days I am giving him Maftal P syrup but again fever is coming n going... pls suggest what to do... Sumbody said if it's viral it lasts for 3 days...shall I wait or should I consult a doctor

Loose Motion for more than 3 days

My 1 and half year baby having diarrhea for more than 3 days. He gets irritated and going loose motion more than 8 times a day.. and not very active.. took him to the hospital.doctoe gave some powder and syrup...Still breast feeding.him.

About dog's saliva

We've a Labrador at home and he's been vaccinated , now about three years old bt sheds his hair and has ticks and most importantly he licks so much on baby's face. Does this going to have any bad effects on my baby?


My 1 month old daughter is crying uncontrollably .have given her colic aid but did. NOt help.her stool is v hard and she has been in trouble fr last 2 days now.passing stool but trying for it almost thr entire day.her stomach is also v tight.

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Things to Consider When Travelling With Kids

To raise kids up is a happy job and along with, a challenging one too. When you at home with your kid, it’s alright as now you understand your child’s requirements and have everything ready at home or at least know where you can get it in an emergency.But to travel with a toddler or a ...

All About Medication Doses for Children

Today, we will talk about medication doses in Children. According to me, a lot of cases go worse because of carelessness on the parents’ behalf when it comes to medication doses. Especially when it comes to children, medication doses matter a lot. Even a bit of extra enzymes and medicine doses ...

Panic About Heart Murmurs in a New Born

When you have a baby, it’s the best moment of your life and you definitely don’t want to hear problems from your baby doctor with respect to your baby.Unfortunately, there are times when things don’t go as expected and your doctor says you what scares you the most, “There is an ...

Underweight Child?

Raising a child is a challenging task; this view is common among all parents. There are so many worries related to them, their health certainly is on the top of the list. While illness and other health problems are regular with kids, given changing the weather and other factors, some problems ...

Common Lactation Problems and Their Solutions

Though it is very much known to all, that breast feeding is one of the most natural processes of existence, as it can be. But unknown to many is the fact that it doesn’t come that naturally to the mother. The mother constantly struggles to keep up with this new phase in her life, and in the ...

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