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Anxiety, Frustration & Irritation

My mother has been having problems with her behavior since last 4-5yrs. She has been going through menopause. My parents always had a little stressful relationship but lately she is impossible to talk and thinks that she is a victim of everything, that all of us are against her. She is very very critical and cuz her body doesnt support her due to arthritis and age catching up she stays frustated a lot. Also she isn't ready to go for therapy as she thinks it means she is crazy, but she just has a major mood issues whib has gotten worse in years. I understand that menopause can do this but it has not decreased. What am I supposed to do? I am worried that it may lead her to actually loose her mind..any suggestion's?

No one believes I am normal

I suffered collar fracture in a bike accident in the year 2007 and was not comfortable with surgery did to me. Added to that, My family created so many problems. With endless pain and suffering, I didn't sleep for three days. I don't want to question the integrity of family members, they prolonged my sleeplessness by adding 3 more days ( Total 6 days - Cannot promise). They took me to Rtd Psychiatry professor, who recommended a medicine of value 400 mg. he didn't reduce it for 10 years. I took the medicine without a break, hoping that one day he will stop medicine. Found he never had intention to stop the medicine. I am 37 years old, Got married in Sep 2016. I believed, My family will never understand my real problem. I did some research on medicine I took for 10 years in internet, and read some disturbing side effects which i believe is true. Like artificial diabetes, Suicidal thoughts etc. I stopped the medicine. Now, My Diabetes is under control without any pill.

Anxiety tension in functions pointed on

I have my marriage in next month ...i feel so tens and anxiety becuase during any pooja my hands was shaking...my mother also like this.how can i jump this situation.please help me.

Feeling. Nervous, feeling to much fear.

I am always feeling very nervous.too much fear always attract me.i never feel positive. my heart is always beating too much. My leg always shiver. I cant walk properly. 2pm to 9pm it the critical time for me. Problems are seeing to much in that time. What can i do.

I have lost self confidence

I am scared to start any new routine in my life. I always feel like moving away from my responsibilities and loved ones. I do not have self motivation even for things I like to do. I am doing too much procrastination.

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Stigma Related to Mental Health!!

In Indian society mental health and its related problems are viewed as differently from other physical illness. People who are suffering from mental illness are being discriminated by general population who are often belonged to higher educational and social ...

Dr. Satish Ramaiah - Psychiatrist
Dr. Satish Ramaiah Psychiatrist (MBBS, MRCP (UK), CCT, DHE (Addictions - Leeds University, UK), ESRS endorsed certificate in Sleep Medicine (Edinburgh University, UK)) 14 years experience People Tree Hospitals
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Dr. Safiya M.S - Psychiatrist
Dr. Safiya M.S Psychiatrist (MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy, MBBS, DPM (Psychiatry)) 8 years experience Mind & Brain Clinic
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Dr. Ravi Prakash - Psychiatrist
Dr. Ravi Prakash Psychiatrist (MBBS, DPM (Psychiatry), MD - Neuropsychiatry) 11 years experience Prakash Neurology And Psychiatry Clinic
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Dr. Naveen Jayaram - Psychiatrist
Dr. Naveen Jayaram Psychiatrist (MBBS, MD - Psychiatry) 9 years experience Carewell Clinic
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