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Mental Stress

Sister has got happily married in december, but in some days only she has started saying that she does not have control on her mind and whenever she sees her in laws she gets aggressive and start saying that she does not wanted to stay at her in laws house. Where as she does not have any problem at her in laws house and even she says that her family members takes her special care, but her mind does not support her. Please advise is this really a problem and how do we tackle this

My father is displaying manic behavior

He has some complexes since early childhood which went un noticed. Over the years ( he is 81) it keeps manifesting as visible hatred to all, shouting, restlessness and hotring himself and being extremely unreasonalble. He sleeps for only 2 hours in a day.

Confused is it weakness / something else

I have started being confused for a month ago and having urge to sleep ( I wake up at 6.00am, but I never had urge to sleep) , I had vertigo a week ago then I used Ear Drops Now Iam perfectly fine, when ever I am busy with my work I get confused with what someone is saying to me or feel like loss of words

Pain control medication advice needed?

So went for a massage 17days ago, lady did mention I was VERY tense, I told her to continue being firm. I got the expected aches and pains for couple days, after 3/4 days tho it became excruciating in neck shoulder n top back on left hand side, 6days index finger went numb, 9days masseuse advised contracted muscle putting pressure on nerve. 11days ring docs they say I already doing everything (cold compress 24hrs then hot naproxen, rested for wk in sling and now slowly exercising) 16 days and the pain is still making it impossible to sleep (understand how sleep deprivation is torture) and can't take no more. Ring docs again and given me amitriptyline... am I able to take this with my bipolar and split personality? I take 75mg quatiapine and 80-120mg propranolol. Was told when first diagnosed bi that anti depressants previously made me worst. Apologies for rambling and thanks for reading. Should I take newly prescribed amitriptyline?

Constantly uncontrollable anger

I always get extremely angry for no reason, I'll all of a sudden get mad. I get angry and stressed out when things are unorganized and dirty. I also get mad when people don't do as I want, or do things that I disagree with.

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Understanding and Dealing With Your Child’s Anger

Anger, seems like such a normal emotion for all of us to feel. It is an emotion by which we express our displeasure either towards a particular thing, person or situation. Anger can prove to be a healthy emotion when felt in moderation, but when our anger drives us in to losing control of our ...

Binge Drinking

Binge drinking is a problem that has been noticed nowadays in many teenagers and youngsters. Whether it is at an event or a party, drinking high doses of alcohol in one sitting is known as binge drinking.Binge Drinking in Women Is Different from MenBinge drinking for men is the ...

Internet Addiction

Introduction "Get off the mobile and go outside" - are these words being heard more commonly nowadays than at any point in time before? Humanity has just stepped into one of the newest psychiatric disorders. What is worse is that the medical world is divided on whether this should be ...

These Thinking Styles Could Harm Your Mental Health !

As we get older and wiser, our thinking styles begin to take permanent shape. Ways of perceiving events and coping styles are often aimed at preserving our self image. These "ways" are learned over one's lifetime via observation and experience. Sometimes we develop distorted cognitive processes ...

Internet and Phone Addiction

Introduction"Get off the mobile and go outside" - Are these words being heard more commonly nowadays than at any point in time before? Humanity has just stepped into one of the newest psychiatric disorders. What is worse is that the medical world is divided on whether this should be ...

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