Stammering Cure

There are two types of therapies --- indirect and direct, but in addition with these Stammering treatments, there are alternative psychological therapies and feedback devices.Indirect therapy treatment of stammering involves few steps such as speaking slowly and coolly, setting a relaxed and calm family atmosphere and developing a good parent-child coordination preventing criticisms. Stammering is visible with the symptom of hesitation and frustration while speaking or talking.

There are two types of therapies --- indirect and direct, but in addition with these Stammering treatments, there are alternative psychological therapies and feedback devices.Indirect therapy treatment of stammering involves few steps such as speakin ... More

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Speaking problem

I have speaking problem since my childhood. But it has decreased slightly. The problem was stammering in childhood and now my younger slips whenever I talk when I get excited or to speak in front of many people. But when I sing there is no such problem. Is there a remedy.

Related to speech

I have this problem in speaking from my childhood. 1. i speak very fast. For me it seems normal but for other person they are unable to understand some time. And some time words are not clear 2. I some time stammer while speaking. For me speaking in English is not usual so when i try to speak something in English though i knowing what to speak but still i start to stammer but in case of Hindi its almost normal 3. And last thing which bother me most is i can not pronounce "R" clearly. When i speak a word which contains R, it comes out as "AR". Can you suggest is any therapy for all the inability is possible. Thanks

Earing problem

Sir what is earing machine, When it will be used, After using machine is there any side effects. And what is the cost, Because my friend does not understand slow words. Plz help me.

Headache for two days

My son was suffering from Chikungunya since last 25 days.He is 13.Last week he got severe cold and cough,stuffed nose.Noe two days before he complained of severe headache.I took him to his paeditrician and he gave brufen 400 sos.He is better but his headache is coming back not sharp but he is not comfortable.pls help

Ear pain (or say ache)

Since 2 days, I have been facing a kind of ache on my Right ear. Some say that it is due to the use of headphones. I tried putting some oil drops in my right ear. It is not that severe ache, but a irritating one when I pull it.

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