Cardiac Ablation

Cardiac ablation procedure makes use of long flexible tubes called catheters. In cases of symptomatic drug-refractory idiopathic sinus tachycardia, cardiac ablation is carried out. Palpitations or in other words slow or fast heartbeats are also a prominent symptom.

Cardiac ablation procedure makes use of long flexible tubes called catheters. In cases of symptomatic drug-refractory idiopathic sinus tachycardia, cardiac ablation is carried out. Palpitations or in other words slow or fast heartbeats are also a pro ... More

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Typhoid , shortness of breath

Three days ago, in the morning i had a fever( i didn't have fever before that), since the same evening I am having shortness of breath. Yesterday I went to the doctor, he took some tests. ECG and x ray were normal, but in widal test, it showed that i have typhoid and i got admitted in the hospital, it's been one day and i dont have fever but i feel short of breath every time i do little physical activity. I also read on the net that shortness of breath with typhoid is a serious complication and usually occurs in the third week of illness. Please enlighten me on this

Frequent dizziness since last 2-3 days

My mother is a heart patient. She had her valve replacement surgery 30 years back. Recently she had minor attacks due to clotting also. Since last 2-3 days she is having frequent dizziness (chakkar). What can be the possible issue? Is it related to heart disease?

Blood reports not normal

My HS-CRP is 5.03 and Apo B / Apo A1 ratio is 0.9 and triglycerides 220 with tc/ hdl ratio 5 Does this indicate blocked arteries


SIR/MADAM My name is Bryan Das , Age 23 , four years back i had a problem of heart palpitation and anxiety , My doctor prescribed me CIPLAR LA 40, after doing a series of medical tests and till i am continuing my medication (ciplar LA 40) , i keep checking my blood pressure and it remains around 120/80 or 117/75 mostly , and i dont feel any problem , the only problem i face is when i get acidity problems my head feels little bit heavy and this also does not happen frequently, and recently i have been selected in the INDIAN ARMY as a commisioned officer and as you know there are a series of vigorous training that i will have to undergo during my training , so my question, is millitary training safe for me and before joining i want to exercise a little thats why i am thinking of to start running or jogging for 3-5 km daily during morning , so will it be safe for me to run ? are there any risks ? my blood sugar and lipid profile tests came with normal reports . waiting for kind advice

I experienced short breathing

I've difficulty in breathing for past few days. May ECG remarks was- poor r wave progression V1 V3, sinus rhythmn. What does that mean?

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Angioplasty and Stent Patients Guide for Selection

I am practicing cardiologist in Bangalore and these days I see lots of discussion, debate and publication in lay press and whats app and other social media on angioplasties especially the unnecessary ones, costs of stent and margins by the hospital. Though about 10% what is discussed in these ...

3d Echocardiography With Color Doppler Study

Echocardiography is a very great tool in the medical field. Persons LIVE WORKING HEART is seen in real-time and studied for the presence of any disease etc. Addition of 3D technology to the conventional 2D echocardiography is of great help. All heart structures can be seen from all possible ...

"Ghar Ka Ghee" Your Heart-Mate!

During winters in childhood, being served with dal khichdi topped with dollops of ghee was a much awaited joy. Licking away every bit of the ghee gave immense culinary pleasure, but if the unsuspecting mom did the same thing today, most of us would throw a fit for sure!Being health freaks ...

Omg!! He Passed Away? Sudden Cardiac Arrest Is to Be Blamed

You must have heard about otherwise healthy people who passed away after a sudden collapse. Such events often leave you perplexed. It is hard to accept the fact that someone who was hale and hearty a few hours ago is no more now! Blame it on the sudden cardiac arrest.What is a Sudden Cardiac ...

Healthy Eating to Prevent Heart Attack

Choose a variety of grains daily; half of your daily grains should come from whole grains.Choose a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables 4 -5 servings daily.Choose a diet that is low in saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterolChoose foods and beverages that are low ...

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