A Geriatrician provides services including Odontogeriatria, Low Bone Density Treatment, Treatment for Blocks in Blood Vessels, Parkinson treatment and ESWT.

A Geriatrician provides services including Odontogeriatria, Low Bone Density Treatment, Treatment for Blocks in Blood Vessels, Parkinson treatment and ESWT.

Vita Family Clinic
Vita Family Clinic Multi-Speciality Clinic
10 Feedback HSR Layout, Bangalore INR 350 - 500
Manipal Hospital
Manipal Hospital Multi-Speciality Hospital
22 Feedback Old Airport Road, Bangalore
Apollo Clinic
Apollo Clinic Multi-Speciality Clinic
Electronics City, Bangalore INR 400 - 650
Malathi Manipal Hospital
Malathi Manipal Hospital Multi Speciality and Pediatrics/Paediatrics Hospital
6 Feedback Jayanagar 9 Block, Bangalore
Cloudnine Hospital - Bellandur
Cloudnine Hospital - Bellandur Pediatrics/Paediatrics and Gynecology/Obstetrics Hospital
8 Feedback Bellandur, Bangalore
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Geriatric Medicine: The Need of the Hour!!!

What is Geriatric Medicine?It is a specialty that focuses on the healthcare of elderly (Senior Citizen's: 60 years of age and above). To promote health by preventing and treating diseases and disabilities in elderly.Common myths about ageing and growing old.The problem ...

Dr. Lenny Da Costa

Dr. Lenny Da Coasta Completed his practice in Goa. He pursued histraining in the practice of Anti-aging and Preventive Cardiology. He Providedtreatments as Erectile Dysfunction Treatment, EMRT Treatment, ESWTTreatment, TMS Treatment, EECP Treatment, Bio-identical Harmon ReplacementTherapy, ...

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2 meals a day theory

I heard about dr jagannath dixit 2 meals a day intermittent fasting Carbo insulin theory. How good it is? I am 31 years old 93 kg 5 feet 10 inch guy. Should I lose 15 kgs. I started to follow it from last 4 days. Now i don't feel eating at daytime. All i get hungry at 1 pm and 10 pm to do lunch and dinner. In between i take warm water cold water and buttermilk. Also i sleep good at night. Also left sugar jaggery honey etc forever from diet.

Expert opinion

I am out of DM 2 years ago. Since 2 years my a1c is between 5.4 to 5.7. ppbs below 120 fbs below 100. 10000 steps a day walk in 1 go. 4 liter direct water. Sugar free diet. Calories controlled minus carb diet I am going through. Question is After removal of ingrown feet nails my doctor suggest me to take tab limcee 500 . 4 times a day.. can I have it .. Please advice on the same.

High CRP level in blood

Hi all, when we tested our sister blood, found that CRP Level is high. Is it because of infection in blood? Which hospital will be good in hyd?

Thyroid,Geog tongue,Dysuria,skin itching

I was diagnoised with geographic tongue in june 2018. I am facing multiple issuss since past 10 months. I was having trouble of dysuria and frequent urination intermittently. Doctor has diagnoised it as Chronic Prostatitis. I am having flotral 10 for that. Problem occurs every after 4 to 5 days. I have skin itching issue as well. Doctor mentioned that this is Urticaria and has suggested Levosiz 5 for that everyday. After taking that itching goes away for 3 days and then returns and I have to take it again on 4th day. I was diagnoised with Hypothyroidism wit TSH as 22.46 around 1.5 months back with normal t3 and t4. I am on Eltroxin 50 and TSH has come to 3.6 now. Vitamin B12 and D are less so I am taking suppliments for that. ESR is 7, Anti TPO is >1300, HBA1C is 5.9. Total Cholestrol is 209.SGOT is 60, SGPT is 72. Total IGE around year back was 383 and ANA was negative. I am 36 years old and weight is 92kg. Please suggest what can be done for itching, urination and other issues.

Tsh level increased

My Tsh level is Increased can it affect digestion system I have digestion related problem and how is possible to Maintain it's level plz help