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Health Q&A

Two days back I have watched a YouTube video. Since then, it is disturbing me a lot .unable to concentrate on other works. Always am remembering it.

Depression anxiety and guilt

How to deal with feeling of guilt? Example you have hurt someone with your words because the other person has always hurt with their behaviour towards you? How to come out of such situation as early as possible when the friendship is finally over.

Forgetting things

My daughter ,21, suffering from bipolar disorder is taking 300mg lithium daily. She often forgets what she says or does every night. Last night she knew nothing about last 2 years & she was having severe head pain on left side of the brain. She was trying hard to recall things but couldn't but in the morning she remember everything except last night. Now she has no idea about what she did last night & feeling weakness in body. Help.

Bad health

My will power is so down...I m feeling very low...low self esteem...no happiness in life...past regrets ...emotional setback  from past..confused mind...severe headaches...what to do how to recover please help

Attentio deficit hyperactivity disorder

My medicine inspiral sr improved my adhd symptoms on the first day but on the second day i noticed no improvement.every symptom that i knew would return.why is this happening?why is the medicine working only for 1 day and remaining days dosent work?