Periodontal Flap Surgery

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If the three teeth are very painful

If the three teeth are very painful, it is better to cement it, What will be the beauty of it, my problem will be solved,

Have an idea

SEVERE EARLY CHILDHOOD CARIES SEVERE GINGIVITISI just want to know if you estimate the type of process, how much is the overall cost..

Pediatric dentistry

SEVERE EARLY CHILDHOOD CARIES SEVERE GINGIVITIS I just want to talk about my first message before, if you estimate the type of process, how much is the overall cost

Gum issues

My gums moved down near the front teeth area , but the teeth strength is good and no please recommend me . 1. Consult with doctor1 : there is gum loss ,surgery to be done 2. Doctor2:surgery not required your teeth have enough strength &no sensitivity Confused please suggest me

Lumps and ulcer with pus

I am having 2 small ulcers at upper part between teeth gums and leaps, something like a lump on mid sideways of upper toung and mouth roof skeen sideways of right teeth is like itching. I smoke 2-5 cigarette a day and am scared if it is any sign of cancer, (while my dentist denied), just to be sure how I can be sure if it is cancer or not?

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When to Have Braces???


Weight Loss. No Longer a Saga!!!!

we have enough knowledge to know which food is healthy, high in calories and which is to be avoided. It is all about making up your mind and avoiding unhealthy food, cutting down on calories and exercising. Maintaining a healthy body weight is important for physical and emotional well being and ...

All About Fluoride - Dental Health Awareness by Dr Ann Varghese

Patients have a very skeptical outlook about the beneficial effects of Fluoride on the teeth. I will try to clear some doubts and provide a clearer picture. Let us start..What is Fluoride and How does it protect our teeth ?Fluoride is an ionic form of the mineral ...

Get a Sparkling Smile in 10 Min!

You can get a celebrity look at your nearest cosmetic dentist in just 10 min. The tooth jewel comes in 2 categories i.e temporary and permanent. This depends upon the individual choice. Just step in,get a great dazzling smile and make heads turn !HOW?? The tooth jewel are ...

Are Milk Teeth or Primary Teeth That Important??

Primary teeth,also known as “baby teeth” or “deciduous teeth,” begin to develop beneath the gums during the second trimester of pregnancy.  Teeth begin to emerge above the gums approximately six months to one year after birth. Typically, preschool children have a complete set of 20 ...

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