Pacemaker Implantation

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Sudden fluctuation in BP at night

My mother have gone through heart surgery 6 months ago. Now at night time about 10 PM, her blood pressure suddenly fluctuate from 80/120 to 120/180 for 20-30 minutes. it repeats after every 2,3 days. i have consulted from doctors who performed the surgery, but they told that now she is normal, how can we give medicine. please suggest me what should I do?

Heart problem

ITT is positive for ECG of provocable myocardial ischaemia..... no cardiac symptoms for IHD....age 48

Heart beat

Hi..sir.i have been heart beat shakes in chest,and body from last 15days.wat is that please explain sir.

Open heart surgery

My mom gone through mitral valve replacement surgery, after3 months (now) she is taking dytor 5 mg and metachord xl 12.5 in the morning with half hour interval. After taking combination she complaints moderate headache, is that safe to take these medicines at the same time? Or what is the suitable timings and intervals for these medicines.

Palpitations in rest time

Sometime when I seat on the couch doing nothing and suddenly my heart beats and has like 120 bpm, my regular heart rate moves around 60-70. I did a 24 hour holter check that found VPB's and 4 PAC's. That week when my heart rate raises like that I also feel dizzy and really weak and sometimes I want to vomit.

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3d Echocardiography With Color Doppler Study

Echocardiography is a very great tool in the medical field. Persons LIVE WORKING HEART is seen in real-time and studied for the presence of any disease etc. Addition of 3D technology to the conventional 2D echocardiography is of great help. All heart structures can be seen from all possible ...

Know About Heart Failure

Heart failure is a life-threatening condition in which the heart is unable to pump enough blood to different parts of the body.It can affect the left side or right side or both sides of the heart.Causes of heart failure Coronary artery disease:  narrowing of blood ...

How Is Life After a Heart Attack

People think, after a heart attack, they cannot have a normal life. But if you take certain precautions and adopt lifestyle changes, you can live and enjoy almost normal life. Once you survive a heart attack, you tend to realize how close your brush with death has been and how important your ...

The One-Minute Guide to Identifying Stroke

Stroke is a paralysing monster that affects millions of people every year. The ensuing wheelchair- bound life can be quiet demanding for the patient as well as the caregiver.Stroke results from altered blood supply to the brain. The resultant lack of oxygen and nutrients leads to death of ...

Healthy Eating to Prevent Heart Attack

Choose a variety of grains daily; half of your daily grains should come from whole grains.Choose a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables 4 -5 servings daily.Choose a diet that is low in saturated fat, trans fat, and cholesterolChoose foods and beverages that are low ...

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