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Alternative option for constipation

I am using lactic fibre but I relief only 30%.  Can anybody tell me any other fibre powder better than this. I think fiber quantity is low in this, Can i take ayurvedic Sat issabgol powder. This only contain fiber. Will it be better than lactic fibre. Or tell me another option.

Hair fall due to scalp

I have a lot of hair fall recently due to itching from scalp that is stuck like skin all over the head. Washing hair with shampoo cleans the scalp but comes back the next day. I can not shower daily due to sinus and throat infections. I have a lot of power in my eyes as well which lead to frequent headaches. I have a dried up feeling in my head most of the time and feel thirsty often. Also I travel everyday by train and hence get a lot of dust in my hair. Also workplace is air conditioned which I think dampens the strength of the hair. I have stated all the problems as I think they are all connected to hair fall. Hope to get a good solution for this.

Ayurveda bodybuilding

Cn i take ashwangandha swet musli kaunch beej mix churna 3/4gm once a day on empty stomach wth protein shake?? Or after 30 min I'm eating chickpeas cn i Take chickpeas wth protein shake??

Irregular periods

Irregular periods since 3 months with slight gain in wright. Increased hair growth on the upper lips since 1 month. Appearance of pimples on face

Blood in stool

My child is 6 year old male He suffering from bleeding in stool without any pain since last 1 year and constipation also.

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Ayurvedic & Panchkarma Treatments for Meniere’s Disease

Certain ailments progress quite fast after the symptoms are experienced, and one such is the Meniere’s disease. A hearing disorder that affects the inner ear in human beings, the condition usually affects only one ear and may lead to permanent hearing loss unless medical intervention is ...

Effect of Ayurveda

Groupism of following medicines into ayurvedic or allopathic systema......SITCOM Euphorbia prostrata extract used at IGMC Surgery Department for bleeding per rectum and mentioned in Traditional Books b......GUGGU LIPIDS Extract of plant guuggulu “commophora mukul” made by cipla mentioned in ...

Should ‘To-Be Dads’ be allowed in the Delivery Room?

This question has been debatable for quite a long time. Today’s ultramodern man has become more emotional and sensitive than before. Now, he does not want to fold his hands behind the back while his wife is in the labour room, but wants to hold her hand throughout the most painful process. He ...

Magic of Energy Chips

Magic Of Energy ChipsEnergy Chips are extremely effective tools that can store, process and accurately respond to a predetermined set of instructions, however complex or intricate they may be, with unfailing memory and accuracy. This course has been designed to help healers to use Energy ...

What Causes Constipation?

 Here are a few causes of constipation:Low intake of water  Insufficient dietary fiber intake  Diet deficient in leafy, green vegetables and saladsNot having enough roughages  Decreased physical activityDiuretics, ...

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