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Hyperinflation infiltrat

My 2y baby xray report describes infiltrates and hyper inflation we are nebulizing asthalin and antibiotic amlocloxin as per Dr but not relief

Difficulty in breathing

From a very long time i am not able to breathe properly, and when i breathe i feel some discomfort or pain in the right side of my chest, i have had several diagnosis done in the past, where I was told that it was COPD, and there is an inflammation in my right lung, in my last diagnosis i was also told that there was a swelling in my nostrils too, i do not smoke, and i regularly perform breathing exercises still there has been no improvement, i was given an inhaler and some medicines by on of the doctors and still the condition is same, what should i do next.

Chest pain

Hi, There was a general health drive in my office 3-4 months back and they told me that my BP is 180/110 and that I need to consult a cardiologist asap. I checked with a cardiologist and he prescribed ECG, Echo and stress tests. The results were all normal except that I had sinus Tachycardia. The Dr. said that my heart is perfectly alright and that I have nothing to worry about. But since then, I m feeling pain in isolated spots in my chest and general weakness in body and also hearing mild static when there is no outside noise. And since today morning I m feeling dizzy and nauseous. So checked my BP again in a medical and it is 170/110. What's wrong with my body? Could someone pls explain?

Shortness of breath

Hii my grandpa is having breathing problems and We had consulted many doctors and tried many medical treatment &taken out blood report, kidneyprob=7.00 thyroid report =8.00, ECG & X-Ray are normal and highly acidity is found doctors are saying its bcz of acidity breathing prob had arise due to acidity esophagus is affected please say what should we do now as nothing leads to recovery no medications is effective


I have removed my ECG more than 5-6 times, but everything normal,BP is also normal , One of my friend with same problem told me that this is an physhosomatic disorder,,,Can this be treated with yoga only or do I need a pyhscatric treatment

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Dr. H B Chandrashekar - Pulmonologist
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