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Hello Dr I am extremely stressed about everything going around me. I don't feel like talking to my family or friends or any of my loved ones i like to spend all the time alone. I feel weird get negative thoughts. Nothing makes me happy.


Hi lately I feel hungry and not hungry and I have mood swings and and get depressed. And I get worried and nervous and sometimes I can't go too sleep because of this can you help.?

Feeling i m goona die anxiety

All day i feel m gonna die soon n all of the sudden i feel Breathless plz help me n plz tell me that anxiety cause death

I can't concentrate properly anything

Sir, I am 20 years old.I can't concentrate properly anything.when I try to concentrate anything then my attention goes another place.Thus when I try to concentrate then I have become headache and my vision power to be weak and that time I can't concentrate and remember properly.Sir,what medicine should I take to save from these diseases,please help me.Thank you Sir.

Personality development

I an unable to be fully developed and I am very unhappy. I don't have any friends and I get so frustrated sitting in my house all day. I have not experienced a normal life with confidence and real friends or people who love me from my childhood. This has made me deeply insecure and I am unable to stand up for myself and people just run all over me. I am 17. I knew I needed therapy because in addition to it I did not feel accepted I was bullied and I felt I would be betrayed or I would be accused for something while others would go scot free etc . Cannot explain everything here. I need a 3 month or shorter course I am going to college this year and I want to be a new person there and be able to be confident.

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3 Things the New Psychotherapists Does That You Are Not Aware.

"Our business is to get out of business" Christine PadeskyThe old comfortable baroque sofa is out. In are the new modern or contemporary chairs. The hanging intricate chandeliers are replaced with sleek standing lamps. Not a wooden carved table, but a glass table with transparency is at ...

3 Questions That Can Change the Way You Think.

"The quality of life depends on the quality of questions you ask" Tony RobinsEven if this feels like an exagerated view but questions definitely change thinking. Questions contribute in the way we think, behave and feel. This contribution of questions is immense and needs attention. I am ...

How Does a Psycho-Therapist Help You With Depression?

“Suppression of depression is not good. Expression is always good. If depressed, share your feelings with others,it will make you feel better," was PM Modi’s address to the nation prior to World Health Day. The passing of the Mental health Bill along with the PM’s declaration are positive ...

Does Your Child Have Autism?

The warning Signs to look out for :-April 2nd, has been declared by the United Nations as the World Autism Awareness Day. According to latest statistics, the prevalence rate of autism in India is every 1 in 100 people and this ratio has been on a steady incline. Thus it is vital for us to ...

Self Help Skills to Combat Bipolar Disorder

Problems with bipolar disorder are significantly stressful. However, apart from mental health professionals, the person himself can help to deal with the symptoms on time. The following points highlight self help skills to combat bipolar disorder:1. Get involve in identifying your ...

Dr. Safiya M.S - Psychiatrist
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Ms. Nitu Tiwary Psychologist (M.Phil - Clinical Psychology, BA - Psychology, MA - Clinical Psychology) 6 years experience Carewell Clinic
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