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Sepsis on the lungs due to ovarian cyst

My Mother just undergone a surgery where the whole ovary has been removed due to ruptured ovarian cyst (size of a head of a baby). Is it possible that this is the cause of her lungs to have sepsis? Before surgery, she has clear lungs as per her XRAY.

Breast cancer

My aunt got lump in her breast and underarm... Her underarm biopsy result says moderate positive.. But in breast its negative. Doctor told us its early stage and told to repeat breast biopsy.. Her lung, liver, kidney everything is normal.. Can we start giving her cemeo when no cancer cells found in breast? How many chemo's will be required since cancer has not spread in any parts of the body?

Squamous cell carcinoma grade 2

Kindly suggest and find attachment of biospy report of my father how to get well and where need to for treatment

My uncle is in the last stage of mouth c

My uncle is in the last stage of mouth cancer since a year.After operating from Vellore 7months before , the situation got worst,the doctors did to experimental try of operating a cancer patient by the doctors at Vellore CMC .My Uncle face is getting completely eaten up,there are three big holes already by now.One side of the face is completely destroyed.He is having unbearable pain and is taking 15 calpoles in a day.Should I pray for his death/recovery,if any,possible?

Chalongiocarcinoma tumour removal surgry

Dear madam ( Dr.Mukul Ray) We have done pet scan there is no distant spread from particular location significant found at lymp nodes ,As suffered with obstructive jaundice doctor said that it's operable surgery ..please clarify me is there any risk in Operation and is it curable cancer I am waiting for your reply - Rajesh

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Diabetes and Cancer: Connect or Disconnect?

Diabetes Can Increase Cancer RiskDiabetes and cancer represent two complex, diverse, chronic, and potentially fatal diseases. Both are lifestyle disease and are closely associated with each other. Cancer is the second leading cause of death, while diabetes is the seventh leading cause of ...

Conquer Obesity , Conquer Cancer

Dr Niti Raizada  MD DNB DM ECMO MRCP(UK)(Med Onc)(GMC registration pending)Senior Consultant,Medical Oncologist and Hemato-Oncologist,HCG & Vikram Hospital, Bangalore9901205647/ are commonly aware of obesity and its association with lifestyle ...

Is your Prostate troubling you? Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

Prostate cancer treatment Options:  Prostate cancer is a complex disease with different treatment options. Patients should understand and weigh the benefits of each treatment against its side effects, and risks.Active Surveillance: As the prostate cancer often grows very ...

Chemoport: A Boon to Chemotherapy Patients.

Ease of chemotherapy administration by CHEMOPORTChemotherapy ports are specialised vascular access devise[VAD]. The VADs are classified into 3 according to the longevity of intendeduse.1.      Short term: IV catheters, Midlines.2.      Acute ...

What You Must Eat to Beat Colon Cancer

Colon is a part of the large intestine where water and salts are absorbed from the semi-digested food before wastes are thrown out of the body in form of stool.Colon cancer is uncontrolled growth of cells in the large intestine that takes the form of tumor and destroys normal tissue cells ...

Dr. Sandeep Nayak - Oncologist
Dr. Sandeep Nayak Oncologist (MBBS, DNB - General Surgery, DNB - Surgical Oncology, MRCS (UK), MNAMS - General Surgery, Fellowship in Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgical Oncology) 19 years experience MACS Clinic
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Dr. Mallikarjun Kalashetty - Hematologist
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Dr. Niti Raizada - Oncologist
Dr. Niti Raizada Oncologist (MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DNB - General Medicine, DM - Medical Oncology, ESMO, Certificate Examination) 16 years experience Athira Cancer Network
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Dr. Rajshekhar C Jaka - Oncologist
Dr. Rajshekhar C Jaka Oncologist (MBBS, MS - General Surgery, DNB - General Surgery, DNB - Surgical Oncology, Fellowship in Laparoscopic and Robotic Surgical Oncology, European Board Certified in Surgical Oncology, FRCS) 17 years experience Dr. Jaka's Clinic
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