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Belly button

My son us going to be 2 months and has an overly swollen belly button. Is this normal. Please suggest.

My baby ate a small amount of lipstick

My baby ate a small amount of lipstick. What should I do?she is 18months. Is it poisonous? How long should I wait

Vedio call for infant harmful or not

Hi I am staying outside of my hometown. I m having 4 months baby. I use vedio call to see and talk with my baby. Please suggest is this harmful for my baby.. My parents also stay outside home town. They also use vedio call to see their grandson. Please suggest

Fever 104 headache

S typhi O 1:20 , 1:40 S typhi H 1:20 Thyroid- Negative Is it typhoid or not...Kindly suggest

Loose motions

My son is 4.5 years old. He is having loose motions like 5-6times today. Can I give limofen or eldopar. Please suggest

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Importance of Differentiating Between Mosquito Borne Diseases

Delhi is one of the most affected states when it comes to mosquito borne diseases. In spite of this, a significant number of affected people choose to either ignore or adopt self-medication for diseases with same symptoms. Sadly, they fail to understand that medication without medical ...

5 Natural Ways to Prevent Malaria

The season which sees the most attacks of mosquitoes is here. And with it, comes the spell of malaria. Delhi is one of the most affected states by Malaria. There are many reasons which lead to this, but we will hold the discussion for some other time.Many people are apprehensive about ...

Home Hygiene Tips to Keep Your Child Safe From Infections

Sometimes, we are overprotective of our children. We care of them more than required and often make them too much dependent on us in some way. We excuse it to our child’s health that they are often ill and therefore need our extra care.But in this process, we sometimes ignore the root ...

Congratulations to the Nicu Nursery Team of Bansal Global Hospital

The entire team of Bansal Global Hospital congratulates the NICU nursery team for the commendable expertise they have shown towards a very delicate case recently.A new born baby was admitted into the hospital for difficulty of breathing. The cause was identified to be arising out of a ...

Regulating Your Child’s Screen Addiction

The topic is familiar to most parents today. And in fact to anybody who lives around a child in the house. Children today are more addicted to screens today than they ever were. Screens can include television, mobile, or computer screens.The most important reason is obviously the ...

Dr. Sathyanarayana R - Pediatrician
Dr. Sathyanarayana R Pediatrician (MBBS, MD - Pediatrics) 39 years experience Dr. Sathyanarayana Clinic
510 recommendations Indiranagar, Bangalore INR 400
Dr. Varsha Saxena - Pediatrician
Dr. Varsha Saxena Pediatrician (MBBS, MD - Pediatrics) 22 years experience Anexas Clinic
722 recommendations HSR Layout, Bangalore INR 400
Dr. Vykunta Raju K. N - Pediatric Neurologist
Dr. Vykunta Raju K. N Pediatric Neurologist (MBBS, Diploma in Child Health (DCH), DNB - Paediatrics, MNAMS(Pediatrics), PGD ND, DM - Pediatric Neurology) 16 years experience Kangaroo Care Women & Children Hospital
3511 recommendations Vijayanagar, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. A. P Bharath - Pediatrician
Dr. A. P Bharath Pediatrician (MBBS, MD - Pediatrics) 19 years experience Paediatrix Clinic
176 recommendations HSR Layout, Bangalore INR 500
Dr. Sumeeta Nagaraj - Pediatrician
Dr. Sumeeta Nagaraj Pediatrician (DNB - Paediatrics, MBBS) 17 years experience The Children's Clinic
3206 recommendations Marathahalli, Bangalore INR 400