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Pug dog suffering from skin mange diseas

My Pug dog is suffering from mange disease already given so many antibiotics and gold coat.. But still it's not cured and it reoccurs again.. What can I do please anyone suggest something...

Rottweiler having cold and cough

Hello this is prachi, Hv a rottweiler 1yr 3 months having cold and cough...need help for her as it seems has difficulty in breathing for some time.

Turtle is not eating food

I have bought a female is not opening its mouth for 2 days.i think its female.its not eating food .its not opening its mouth.

Is it true that dogs die within 14 days

Do all dogs who carry rabies die within 14 days after infecting humans. I was bitten a small scratch by my dog and it is fine even after a month

Flowerhorn not eating since 4 days

Hi, I would like to know how can I treat my fh fish he is not eating since 5 days, still his belly looks full. I have been changing 30% water every 2 days and added Epsom Salt, Flagyl (metronidazole) and teramycin, still no luck. Please help...