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Constant fever from 10 - 15 days

I've been having fever from last 15 days..fever is about 102° , 108° , headache & my hearbeat goes faster. I consult 2 - 3 doctors. I had test of malaria,typhoid,dengue bt all w're negative. I took mny antibiotics injection as per dr. consultant bt Nthng got well... d situation remains same i still got fever 2 - 3 tymes in a day...plz help me , wat shld i do now?

Chicken pox scars

8 months ago i suffered from chicken pox n few white scars was left. It was not fading as i had applied many medicines will it fade??

Sickness 24hrs after alcohol

I have been feeling sick since Wednesday possibly due to a poor diet. I went out Thursday and Friday night and consumed alcohol (a great amount on Friday night) and I am still feeling sick now.

Cough problem

I have suffering from cough........since 4-5months.......i dont know why its coming...................in between these months i also consults a doctor and take their medicine.......and chekup my chest x-ray and haemoglobin test all are normal........and also i havent any problem leaving cough like ..........fever ,sweating,chest pain nothing ........btt my cough is still same. Its came when i woke up in morning and last tonight. Btt its not came when i sleep.


Regards Sir /madam , 3 months ago I was traveling in Rajdhani express and using their blankets & bed sheets, as I was wearing my shorts and sleeping somehow during sleep at night I touched my genitals without washing my hands and my genitals got touched with those clothes , although those clothes were neat & clean and dry & warm , but I m doubt that can it cause some bacterial infections ?

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5 Important Tips to Remember After Open Heart Surgery

Heart surgery here in this write up is being identified with correction of multiple blocks,which have led to a heart attack due to poor supply of blood to the tissue of heart,leading to malfunctioning and damage,Heart Attack.Technique is advanced and so is the skill of the ...

Most Important Health Indicator Bmi

From my point of view, most important health indicator is BMI- Body Mass Index which is the value is derived from weight and height of an individual. It is the amount of tissue mass (muscle fat and bone) which differentiates underweight, normal weight, overweight and obese ...

7 Activities to Focus on After Gastric Bypass Surgery

Let us be wishful that the surgery was successful ,done at best center under the care of best team of surgeons,nurses,dieticians and physiotherapists.Recently there has been news of fat women dying few months after bariatric surgery.Only bad news make the headlines.Low risk ...

How to Make Minor Procedures Less Traumatic for Women

Women come to doctors and they are full of fears and anxieties,some genuine,some acquired through community of their connected women and rest are due to unknown imaginations.It is our duty to do counselling about the procedures which Have To Be Carried Out.Menstrual Regulation ...

Living Healthy Life With Diabetes

What is the impact of Diabetes Mellitus?Despite the risks associated with type 2 diabetes, most people can lead active lives and continue to enjoy the foods and activities that they previously enjoyed. Diabetes does not mean an end to "special occasion" foods like birthday cake, and most ...

Dr. Ravishankar Reddy C. R. - General Physician
Dr. Ravishankar Reddy C. R. General Physician (MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DNB - Neurology) 24 years experience Marvel Hospital and Fertility Centre
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Dr. Sharada Shekar General Physician (MBBS, MRCP (IREI)) 36 years experience Dr. Sharada Shekar Clinic
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Dr. Jaya Bajaj General Physician (MBBS, ABFM) 12 years experience Vera Health
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Dr. SS Kumar Internal Medicine (MBBS, MD - General Medicine) 36 years experience Dr. S S Kumar Clinic
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Dr. Karunesh Kumar H S General Physician (MBBS, MD - General Medicine, CCEDM) 22 years experience Pristine Consultation And Diagnostics
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