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Snoring continously and loudly

I am 30 year old male and i have been very loudly snoring since last 1 year. Around 4-5 years back i heard first my friends started complaining that i snore but it wasnt that loud . the snoring starts as soon as i sleep. I do have good and deep sleep and i dont wake up in the middle of the night nor there is any breathlessness feeling. i do feel in the morning my nose is slightly blocked. Since it disturbs my room mate who sleeps in the same room, i feel very embarassed. So i would need your help to solve this.

Severe earache, I have cold also

Server ear ache , unable to bear the pain, I have cold also, I can feel.like some fluid is there inside my ear, only one ear is paining

Swollen ear and extreme pain

I've been feeling pain in my right ear for 2 days now. I can also feel pain in my jaw, I can't eat properly. My ear is swollen.

Sore throat after every 5 days

From my childhood onwards i have been a victim of sore throat. It happens to me after every 5 days. I have to take Histaftee180mg and Zifi200 after every 5 days to cure the same because it becomes extremely seviour. I am not able to speak or anything and furthermore it leads to fever later on. To stop this , i went for homeopethic medication... she said that it is not tonsils but constipation which is the reason for my sore throat. I was shocked to hear this at first but she said that its true. Though i myself have noticed that when motion passes my throat startes feeling better but medication of constiptilon wasn't able to help me in the long run. For now i am just relying on the antibiotics but i am afraid those can be harmful. What to do? How to cure this?

Throat pain

I have a throat pain seems like an infection, also the tonsils are little swollen. Mild cough, no fever.

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What to Do When the Nose Bleeds?

Peak summer is here and in various parts of the country,dry heat and heat wave conditions prevail.common ent problem during this season is nose bleed.Extreme weather condition produces dryness of the nasal mucosa.Even with minimal direct trauma to the nose like nose picking,tiny blood vessels ...

Me and My Voice - How Do I Keep It Healthy?

How is my voice produced?     Your voice is produced by larynx or the ‘voice box’ situated in front of your neck. The voice box has two ribbon like structures on either side known as vocal cords that come together and vibrate to produce a sound called ‘voice’. This ...

Vertigo : What You Need to Know

Vertigo or giddiness is a very common symptom encountered in routine practice. Its estimated that more than 10% of population of all age groups will suffer from this at least once in their life time. Its also one symptom which is very difficult to diagnose and treat and many patients with ...

Herpes simplex - ENT Perspective

Herpetic gingivostomatitisHerpetic gingivostomatitis is often the initial presentation during the first herpes infection. It is of greater severity than herpes labialis, which is often the subsequent presentations. Herpes labialisInfection occurs when the virus comes into contact ...

Myths and Facts About Ear Wax

All  ear blocks are not due to wax Wax is nothing but secretion of modified sweat glands mixed with desquamated epithelial cells and keratin shed from tympanic membrane It  has protective function of lubricating ear canal & entraps any foreign ...

Dr. Ravi Sachidananda - Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist
Dr. Ravi Sachidananda Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist (MS - ENT, DNB (ENT), MRCS (UK), Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO), Masters in Speech Language Pathology, FRCS - General Surgery) 23 years experience People Tree Hospitals
539 recommendations Yeshwanthpur, Bangalore INR 350
Dr. Anita Krishnan - Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist
Dr. Anita Krishnan Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist (MBBS, Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO), DNB (ENT), Diploma in Medical Law and Ethics (PGDMLE)) 23 years experience Bangalore ENT Care Centre
2940 recommendations Koramangala, Bangalore INR 600
Dr. Alok Banka - Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist
Dr. Alok Banka Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist (MBBS, MS - Otorhinolaryngology) 13 years experience Cogent Care
1275 recommendations Whitefield, Bangalore INR 400
Dr. Rekha A R - Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist
Dr. Rekha A R Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist (Diploma in Otorhinolaryngology (DLO), MBBS) 13 years experience Care ENT and Child Health Clinic
598 recommendations HSR Layout, Bangalore INR 300
Dr. S.R.Hari Ram - Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist
Dr. S.R.Hari Ram Ear-Nose-Throat (ENT) Specialist (MBBS, MS - ENT) 31 years experience Residence Cum Clinic
84 recommendations Koramangala 5 Block, Bangalore INR 400