Tyrosinemia Treatment

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Urine is dark red

Two days ago I woke up and went and urinated and it was dark red and a couple hours after that I urinated again and the same issue, but then later on I went again and it was back to normal and didn't change again. Well tonight before I decided to go to sleep I urinated again and it was red again. There is no pain or discomfort which makes no sense why I'm seeing red urine.

Constant need to pee

I've been having a constant need to pee, even if i don't have to it's all the time and it's annoying and uncomfortable

Kidney stones

I have kidney stones problem. Left side 16mm and right side 5mm. Can I recover this problem without operation.

In urine protein trace lossing

In urine passing protien trace lossing whats problem losts of lossing i have to knwo the problem an go for further

My mom is having 60 stones of 2.5 mm

I am having 60 stones of 2.5 mm in my body and I am having pain . Besides that I am having tuberculosis in my lungs but it is controllable. My question is can we remove the stones without any operation ?

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Nephrotic Syndrome ; We Understand the Kids Better

Nephrotic syndrome is a type of kidney disorder wherein, the body passes out the excess amount of proteins through urine, owing to the damage caused to the tiny clusters of blood vessels in the kidneys. The symptoms include putting on excessive weight as a result of fluid retention, foamy urine ...

Q&a About Kidney Failure, Dialysis and Transplantation

What are the functions of the Kidneys?Remove extra water: The kidneys filter extra water, which the body does not need, in the form of urine. This water comes from the liquids you drink and the foods you eat. The kidneys have the ability to concentrate or dilute your urine, as your ...

What Is Serum Creatinine ?

Creatinine is a small harmless protein that comes from the muscles. The only way it goes out of the body is via the kidneys into the urine. Normally it is present in a concentration of 0.5 to 1.2mg/dl in the blood (plasma). When the concentration of creatinine rises in the blood it means that ...

Transplants Fail- Here's What You Need to Know.

Everyone talks about the success rates of kidney transplants. Rarely do we talk about what happens when transplants fail. People will quote the official statistics that 97% of kidney transplants are working at the end of a month; 93% are working at the end of a year; and 83% are working at the ...

The Kidneys And Diseases Affecting Kidney Function

THE KIDNEYS The kidneys are two organs that are located in the lower back, one on each side of the spine. They are about the size of a clenched fist. The Nephron is the functional unit of the kidney and contains a specialized structure called the glomerulus within which filtration of ...

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