Tyrosinemia Treatment

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Bladder inflammation after uti

Is bladder wall inflammation after a uti a common issue? I have been told by my urogynaevologist that i have developed it after a uti as no bacteria is found now , what should be the best possible treatment available.

Pus after circumcise surgery

Hi, on last Saturday 14 april, my circumcise surgery is done. Since yesterday i feel that there is some pus in wound, i tried to remove it but its painful. Since yesterday I have started one antibiotic tablet 2 times a day i.e. ceftum 500. Can I clean the wound with warm water or it will increase the pus?

Pain Abdominal

Having suddenly pain yesterday. Taken injection and admitted day care for relief. Uploaded USG report. Want to treat by you. Please

Fever due to Uritary infection

I am a 44 yrs. Old man. I am suffering from fever and body pain from 1-2 days. Today i tested my urine sample. In the result 4-5/hpf ephitilial cellls. Please suggest treatment. I have cefixime 200mg tablets if it works.

Kidney issues

My mother in law is CKD 5th stage and pre dialysis cretanine is 11 and post is 4-5 .. we are working people and we can only afford one dialysis a week ... will there be complications if we do only once a week .. she does that every sat that is 4 times a month .. me and my husband and having shifts that is 5 days a week and we have no other day to take her for dialysis ..

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Tips for Preventing Kidney Diseases

Six-Step Guide to Protecting Kidney HealthChronic kidney disease (CKD) is a major public health concern. CKD often goes undetected until it is very advanced (when someone would need dialysis or a transplant).  But when it is diagnosed early through very simple tests, progression of CKD can ...

Excess Phosphorous Causes Chronic Kidney Diseases

Excess phosphorous in human body can cause chronic kindey diseases, including hyperphosphatemia -- in which phosphate levels shoot up abnormally high, doctors said.According to them, people with muscle cramps, numbness, tingling, bone or joint pain, and rash are all the symptoms of ...

Preventing Diabetic Kidney Disease

Preventing Chronic Kidney Disease When You Have DiabetesAccording to The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, diabetes is the cause of approximately 44% of all new cases of diabetic nephropathy. Nephropathy is a medical term for kidney disease. Diabetes can cause damage to the filters in your kidneys ...

Prevention of Kidney Disease

There is a misconception about kidney ailments that if a person gets a Kidney disease he/she will develop kidney failure requiring dialysis and transplant. This is very untrue Young children may have birth anomalies related to the urinary tract.These if detected early and rectified can ...

World Kidney Day (Wkd)

Why designate a day dedicated to the kidneys?Many people are currently not aware that their kidneys are damaged and they might find out too late. The need for dialysis or transplantation can be avoided if kidney diseases are detected early. Mental trauma and the need for excessive expenditure can ...

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