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@Dr. J Mariano Anto Bruno

Dear Sir, first of all thank you so much. I am not able to attaché more than 2 document so it will be impossible to share all the reports...

Selling up down in body

Miss, My sister is suffer from this problem, that is , selling on body up and down checked by elopathy doctor and say urine problem and also checked by homepathy doctor but problem will be not clear properly. Madem , please say something about this matter it's very important. Tablets also used regurlly , give me a solution fast , please mame.

Extreme Fatigue

Hello! Dr. From 4 years I am feeling extreme tiredness & constipation. 3 years back it was reported thyroid and from than I am taking eltroxin 100mcg everyday and checking it quarterly. It's fine and normal. 1st 3 month was extremely fine but after that extreme tiredness again started. I checked everything including BP, SUGAR, VITD, VITB12, Anti TPO consultant 3 ENT & NEURO PHYSICIAN too. All report are fine. There was some Allergy that I took Montair FX 30 days. Now in last visit my uric Acid is 7mg/dl. Doctor has advised to take Febutaz 40 for 2 month. I am 32 years, 5'7" tall & 74Kgs, nature of job is sales & marketing (traveling). I feel all the time tired and I feel my eyes are like burning & sensation in eye, all time want to sleep only, weight is increasing everyday, can't focus on anything. I don't ve any job, family pressure to think. I checked with all the reputed MDs in Bangalore. I would like to request to suggest something i am tired of taking medicine from last 4 years.

Viral fever post effects

Hello doc I had got viral fever 1 n half 2 months back n aft that there r problems with my menstrual cycle before I had a cycle of 27 28 days excalty but now it's coming very late last month it got delayed for 5 6 days n this months it's again late is It coz of the effect of viral fever? Plz suggest me what to do now Thank u Regards

Body selling up and down

Miss, Body selling up and down. Doctor checked and say urin problem , checked and give tablet. Selling ok, but when tablet stop, selling will up and down started. I have checked by homepathy and elopathy doctor but problem nat solve. Madem , Please say answer and give the solution.... I am very tired. Please say mame.

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Why Do We Over React to Illnesses? Despite Bird Flu, Enjoy Festivities.

Take few precautions about any communicable disease passed on through humans or animals. Every Germ gets killed on cooking. Germs of Deadly AIDS cannot survive for more than 15 minutes when exposed to Sun or washed with routine antiseptic.If doctors were so cautious about their own ...

Today Is International Day of Girl child. It Also Happens to Be Celebration of Good Over Evil

Day of celebration for daughters of the world. Why should Indian daughters Not be part of it?Society in India is divided like never before. One part says no more after 1 girl , others keep on trying till they get the blessed son. Yes doctors do help them despite laws like PNDT act 1994 ...

Today Is Mental Health day.use Intuitions and 6th Sense.

There is No person with 100% correct mental /physical health. Every test carried out in blood has a range. A person is labeled diseased only if the limits exceed normal range or fall below the rangeThere are 3 types of personalities according to Ayurveda.Type A is like Air , ...

How to Prevent Mosquito Bites Naturally

Indian population is probably more scared of mosquitoes than tigers these days. With Dengue & Chikungunya prevalent this season, a bite by a mosquito sends more danger signals in the minds. Not all the cases of these illnesses have to land in hospitals or prove to ...

Life Style/diet/role of Salt in Hypertension??

SALT & HYPERTENSIONNow, in continuation to my previous article about hypertension,the next common question is about DIET/LIFE STYLE IN HYPERTENSION.As we all know the first thing that is advised for a patient,when diagnosed as HTN/Pre-HTN is "LOW SALT DIET","KEEP AWAY FROM ...

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