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Hi i have lack of vitamin in my body because of that i face tiredness cervical problem and get sick oftenly can i take supradyn neurobion forte and hematrin as supplements? Together

Dental implant

I got my dental implant done on Monday. I have been given 2 pain killers and one antibiotic for 5 days. I have to attend a party on Wednesday. Is it ok if I drink on Wednesday i.e within 48-52 hours? What if I don't take the pain killer on Wednesday and then drink?

Bath after Viral fever

It's been two days I m having viral fever and now the temp is 100°C. I feel so lazy n tired. I really want to take bath and a headwash. Can I take??? I m all sweated up.

Vitamin d and vitamin b12 deficient

I was having the vitamin deficiency I have been to blood test vitamin b12 is 220 and vitamin d is 12.59

Fever from last 3 days

My father suffering from fever from last 3 days and now he has cough also.he is feeling weak also. I have attached blood test report.

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Tips to Maintain the Beauty of a Relationship

Over the years similar tips are bound to appear and resurface, however, it is always pertinent and relevant to the youth of that era who are on the verge of entering social relationships or have recently got into one. It is but of course for them to be kept informed even at cost of ...

Cough and Cold: Due to Weather Change

From a discreet tickle in the throat to a relentless “COLD,” coughing is a reflex we can’t resist. Though these odd noises that come up the respiratory tract and out the mouth are wordless, they have plenty to tell. Weather change usually brings lung infections - most commonly ...


Have you noticed that a sudden change in weather can trigger your asthma symptoms?If so you're not the only one. Most of the people said that cold air can trigger asthma symptoms. Why cold weather increase your risk of asthma symptoms or an asthma attack?People with ...

How Air Pollution Contributes to Lung Disease

When we breathe in dirty air, we bring air pollutants deep into our lungs, so it’s no surprise that air pollution causes serious damage to the respiratory tract.Air pollution exposure can trigger new cases of asthma, worsen a previously-existing respiratory illness, and provoke ...

Everything You Need to Know About - Chikungunya

Chikungunya (pronouncedas chiki-en-GUN-yah) disease was first detected in 1952 in Africa. The name "chikungunya" is from the Makonde language and its meaning is "that which bends up". This is a reference to the Chikungunya symptom where patients walk in a stooped posture due to joint pain. The ...

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Dr. SS Kumar Internal Medicine (MBBS, MD - General Medicine) 37 years experience Dr. S S Kumar Clinic
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Dr. Taher Hussain Assadi General Physician (MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine) 30 years experience Nisa Multispeciality Clinics
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