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Blood in cough

Cough in blood while vomiting,not blood tinges...a spoon full of blood mixed with saliva..happened twice in 5 months..only during vomiting due to gastritis..

Muscles havnt been atrophying

It has been odd that my muscles havent to atrophy at all since i was injured 1y 7m ago which left me unable to do most daily tasks for 5m first then again for 4m after reinjuring. Ive had muscle spasm since initial inj but those shouldnt keep muscle tone.I also have spherocytosis and have never had body fat above ~9%. Why cant i gain weight either?

Sweat's, headache,cramps, tired,weak

I'm 62 man been cramping in legs hand now feel tired all the time ,headaches, n night sweat's n feeling sick on stomach .i work ajob 8 hr. Haveing constipation , haveing to take oil to get to go my pee looks bright yellows orange

Pain in Upper Right Chest in Morning

From last few days when I do wake up in the morning I do have a severe pain near upper right chest, I don't know if its lung or what but I am not able to move in the morning and the pain relieves as the day passes. Please tell me if it's a reason to worry or it's just due to posture of sleeping and also suggest what to do so as the pain do not continue.

Feel sleepy in late afternoon

Since 2 weeks ago, I always feel sleepy in late afternoon (5pm onward up to 7pm) I am on maintenance medication for BP, Cholesterol and elevated sugar.

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Endocrinology deals with hormones, hormone systems and hormonal disorders. The organs that come under endocrinology are pituitary gland, adrenal glands, ovaries or testicles, thyroid gland and pancreas. These organs maintain the chemical balance of the body by secreting hormones which regulate ...

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PUFA, Saturated Fats, Trans Fats, Omega 3 Fatty Acids, Mono Unsaturated Fats, Butter, Visible Fats, Fish oils…. Blah Blah. So much of information on fats just can’t be comprehended well by majority of health conscious citizens. Poor understanding of Fat facts have resulted in reliance ...

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