Sore Breasts After Ovulation Treatment

The increase in blood flow to the breast tissue makes it tender and sore at times, causing swelling and pain in some women. Products such as mango butter, Shea butter or other natural topical lotions can be used to soothe the pain and swelling.The minimum contact or touching of breasts can reduce pain and tenderness, which are accompanied by swelling of breasts during pregnancy.

The increase in blood flow to the breast tissue makes it tender and sore at times, causing swelling and pain in some women. Products such as mango butter, Shea butter or other natural topical lotions can be used to soothe the pain and swelling.The mi ... More

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Problem in second pregne

Hi I am 34 years female and having 1 kid..we didn't think of second we planned and I didn't get we met a gynecologist..she took some harmone test and pelvis scan..she said I am having poly cyst overies and hypo thyroid and having high value insulin so she given Electrolux 75 and myocyst ..asked to use 3 months and given krimson 35 tablets for 3 cycles and asked to do the same tests.. Now 3 cycles completed and I did the same tests but all values increased..means thyriod t3 and tsh increased and fasting blood insulin increased from 25.6 to 33.8..I dono what to do..dr said that after 3 months will start treatment for pregnancy.. because all hormones are imbalanced..what to do..I am thinking of my age too..shall I see another dr or continue to the same treatment? Please help me..

Dengue during pregnency

Hi my wife 's fotus is in 5th month and since last 3 days she is suffering from high fever and complete body pain. So shd we consult first any gyno or any physician in such condition. As i was also suffering from dengue till last week .then doc prescribed me Toxiphase can v also give this medicine to her

4th month pregnent

Hi, i am facing swelling of foot , very frequent urination, leg pains after passing urine . Urine culture has been done but it's normal. Any other issues can reason for above symptoms or normal only . Suggest plz.

Mdicnal/surgical abortion

To start with, my wife is anaemic and also with low BP. She was having symptoms like urge to vomit all time and feeling very weak. Yesterday she took some pregnancy tests (like prega news) and the results were positive. We went to a local gynecologist and she calculated the dates and said since its 10 days overdue, we can go for medicinal abortion. We will go for ultrasound test today to find out more details. I would like to know which would be safer for. Going for medicinal abortion or surgical abortion. And which scenario would cause more trouble to conceive in future. thanks!

Need to discuss about pre

Need to discuss about pregnancy pills and side effects And what precautions to be taken after taking the pills

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" Just Do it......" Helping You to Get Pregnant.

Everybody has heard of the fertile days in the woman's cycle . Having intercourse during this period, greatly increases chances of conception because it is closest to the day of ovulation or egg release. It is now evident that increasing the frequency of sexual intercourse through out the cycle ...

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Get Rid of PMS for Good!

"And When She Was Good She Was Very, Very, Good, and When She Was Bad She Was Horrid."You see it all the time: That crazy, cranky, above else hungry female character depicted in movies and TV shows for decades on end. It's an overused stereotype that unfortunately represents how a large ...

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