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I'm a soon to be bride

Dr. I have PCOD since last 2 years; when visited by family Dr. for period related issues then he informed me about my cists nd thiroed problems. So I use to suffer regularly during my menstrual cycle basically having it after 2 or 3 months. Meanwhile I'm taking some homeopathy medicines by my mother's force but I don't have any faith on those. Now my problem is that as I'm passing from these issues should I visit you as you can provide me with perfect diagnosis and I'm worried about that will I'm going to face any disturbenc in my married life for my health related issues

Joint pain

Hello Doctor, I have knee pain and whenever i get up from chair im having sivere pain in my knee joint,while walking i hear sound from the joint.

Blood in stool

Bright red blood with mucus found in stool. A medication for stomach infection and hemorrhoids taken but still bleeding. No pain. A bit of gas, which was before the blood activity also. Only bright red blood found. Culture stool test was normal and in blood test eosinophil count was increases. How to be certain that it is hemorrhoids only?


My mom was admitted in hospital due to severe pain in hands and knees after examination, she was detected with Chikungunya disease, since there is no medicine for it doctor has given some pain killers to reduce the pain. But she is not able to walk properly. Please advice how we can produce further.

Jogging before excercise?

I do excersise and jog every morning . Which is better to do first? Jogging or excersise? And what supplements are best for after excersise?

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Why Do We Over React to Illnesses? Despite Bird Flu, Enjoy Festivities.

Take few precautions about any communicable disease passed on through humans or animals. Every Germ gets killed on cooking. Germs of Deadly AIDS cannot survive for more than 15 minutes when exposed to Sun or washed with routine antiseptic.If doctors were so cautious about their own ...

Understanding Hypertension (High BP)

High Blood Pressure is often called the “the silent killer”, because it has no symptoms, so you may not be aware that it’s damaging your blood vessels, heart and other vital organs of the body.Do not make the mistake of assuming that symptoms will alert you to the problem of high ...

October Is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Every Lump Felt Is Not Cancer.

A nodule detected by self examination is cause of concern for the woman and she Must go to the doctor immediately. Remember a nodule need not be cancer,it can be collection of hardened fibers and nodule is called Fibroadenoma.It is treatable by a medical professional, a surgeon after ...

Healthy Stress Can Be Good for heart.Do Not Feel Defeated in Life.

In a Journey called Life,it is Always a one way traffic with jams ,road blocks & Hurdles ,There are No U Turns. But Looking back helps, reversing the time clock with good memories do take away bad memories felt so far.What is IIT Syndrome ?  Every student is a Topper from his/ ...

Life Style/diet/role of Salt in Hypertension??

SALT & HYPERTENSIONNow, in continuation to my previous article about hypertension,the next common question is about DIET/LIFE STYLE IN HYPERTENSION.As we all know the first thing that is advised for a patient,when diagnosed as HTN/Pre-HTN is "LOW SALT DIET","KEEP AWAY FROM ...

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