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Hi my baby has got diaper

My baby has got diaper rashes from the last 3 4 days.she is 11 months and her doctor has advised me to wash her diaper area with potassium permanganate crystal water and apply candid cream thrice a day.iam following the same procedure from the last three days but didn't see any improvement. In fact I can see more red rashes on her thighs. Please advice.

2.5 year old girl in fever

I have 2.5 years old child and she is suffering from fever last 2 days. She takes paracetamol 250 mg sure, sodium valproate. But not control the temperature. Also we sponging all time. What to do

8 year son is having fever

My 8 year old son is having fever (102.5). His fever is coming and going. He do feel cold however, doesn't sweat. One of the doctor here advised to give half combiflam tablet in case there is fever. Can you please advise.

Ear problem

Hi doctor I found white thing in my daughter's right ear. She didn't complaint any pain or disturbance but I am worried about her problem a lot. Does white in ear indicates any infection. Do we need go for a doctor's check up? Please suggest some remedy

Late talking kid

My son is 3 years and nine months but still not able/trying to connect two words . Overall he is fine, responsive, active ,good at sports , but the problem area is that he don't speak by himself . We have to push him to make him speak first. Even he answers to the question we made him learn like kaise ho? He 'll say - Theek hun. But if we ask him kya khelna hai - he 'll just say - car, chauka, park etc. He is going to play school for a year ,but when asked school mein kya kiya - he keeps mum and start doing his things . Even we went for his hearing test ,all fine , no tounge tie . Consulted pediatrician about a year back , suggested us to wait as everything was fine from medical side (even from the ent side also). Please help us and suggest what can we do for him.

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Dr. Varsha Saxena - Pediatrician
Dr. Varsha Saxena Pediatrician (MBBS, MD - Paediatrics) 21 years experience Anexas Clinic
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