Sleepiness Cure

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Lack of sleep

My name is Sanit Mukherjee, I have been working in a call centre at night shift.. From some day I have suffering from lack of sleep. I tried a lot to sleep but can't. Hardly 4 to 5 hour I can sleep in a day, that's the reason I feel sleepy every time. I feel a slide pain surround my head and eyes.

Insomnia and anxiety

I haven't sleep last 2 years. I usesd so many sleeping pils. But now I feel very weak. Every night I take sleeping pils . I just want to sleep.

I am suffering from sleep disturbance.

I am suffering from persistent somnolence,nasal stiffness, snoring++,sleep disturbance,and I wanna get rid of these ,,kindly help me.

Insomnia, sleepying issues

Hi, I am facing lot of trouble in sleeping am not able to sleep during day and night. Problem is from last 3 years but it was on n off. But from last one month it's aggrevated m only sleeping for 4 hrs from 3am to 6:30am. I tried Kali phos, nux comica and now trying arnica album. Please help me out.

Headache after a sleep

I am suffering headache before l am fine no headache after sleep when l will get up l having headache sir