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Insomnia, no night sleep

I was working in night shift for about 4 years. I left the job 4 months back. Still I'm struggling to sleep at night. Sometimes I get sleep after sunrise. I tried to get up in the morning but I feel it's too difficult. Please suggest me something how to get rid of insomnia.

Unable to move in sleep

Sometimes, I see nightmares and weird figures in my dreams trying to attack me. When I try to wake up and call someone for help, I'm unable to move though I'm partially conscious. I can feel people around me and want to call them. But cannot move or speak. It longs from 3-5 minutes. Once that happened 5 times at a stretch.

Snoring and trouble sleeping

I have got trouble sleeping approximately 3-4 times a month minimum and i have got issue of snoring. I snor every night that too its a loud snor speciallu in morning.

Night before an exam

Im 17 yrs old studying in 12th standard. I can't sleep when i have an exam next day first happend when i was giving my first exam of class 11th. I mean if i go to bed at 2:00 am after completing my revision i can't sleep ...some times time passes ...and i realise its morning. Due to this i can't focus on my exam that day.

Not able to sleep properl

I am 26 yrs old 65kg 5'7"inch guy and software engineer. Sometimes I wake up in middle of night and go to toilet and not able to sleep unless I do some activity like office work in laptop or read newspaper. Can I solve this problem I mean not able to sleep after waking up in night? I want to sleep properly everyday night. I sleep around 10:45 pm and wake up 7am. I think I sleep too much at this age. Can I reduce sleeping hours? I feel sleepy after lunch at office everyday, sometimes in morning if I could not sleep in night completely. I also want to solve this problem.