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Night before an exam

Im 17 yrs old studying in 12th standard. I can't sleep when i have an exam next day first happend when i was giving my first exam of class 11th. I mean if i go to bed at 2:00 am after completing my revision i can't sleep ...some times time passes ...and i realise its morning. Due to this i can't focus on my exam that day.

Body shake/jerk sleeping

Hello Doctor, sometime my body jerk or shake while sleeping its usually occurs while falling asleep, its happening from last 6-8 months history: i had breathing problem 3 year ago taken montek lc tablet 1year, still facing sometime breathing problem specially in winters but not taking any medicine from last 2 years


Hi my brain MRI is clean, feeling drowsy half of the day, not snoring much, sleep for 8 hrs or more daily still sleepy in day time like unable to keep eyes open, doctor suggested for sleep study , what it can be ? I don't think I have sign of sleep apnea. Please help

More sleep

I am a working person working for nearly 10 to 11 hours and as soon as I come home in the evening and sit at some place I start dozing I cannot stay awake if I am idle if I do some activity I continue that activity for some time and again sleep off please suggest some solution for this ailment

Insomnia & Fatigue

I am unable to sleep continuously at night and my mind keeps on working unconsciously. I normally sleep off by 1am as I work late night and wake up by 9am. The slightest of sound or light wakes me up. Due to this reason, i feel tired and fatigued the entire day and cannot concentrate on my tasks for long. Should I consult a neurologist for assistance? Please suggest treatment options.