Sleepiness Cure

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I couldn't sleep at night without medicine also feel indigession after i take medicine heartburn loose motions etc

I am 54yrs.i snore very loudly

I snore very loudly wife says sometimes my legs shake violently occasipnally i snore when i am awake

Sleeping disorders

I am facing for past 1.5 year for sleeping disorders could you please help me to overcome this problem

Feequent naps

I frequently doze off while I am at work or in meetings, even when I travel via public transports I doze off. I am unable to control my sleep. Some night I sleep well still I feel sleepy during daytime, and some nights I am not able to sleep again sleepy next day.

Sleep walking

Last night, I found myself in the balcony of my bedroom in the middle of the night and for a moment I could not recall where I am(I was at a friend's place) and i could not recongnise anything even after looking around for a few minutes, I came Back inside the room and slept immediately. Never happened before I'm 23, female with a history of epilepsy and currently under medication (valence OD 500)