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Sleeping problems

I have my best concentration at night . So I usually study till late midnight (2 am) and wake up at 5 am in the morning . So i sleep only for 3 hrs in night But I take sound sleep in the day for 4 hrs (12pm-4pm). So is that fulfilling my sleeping quota or I am sleep deprived. Is it harmful or okay Plz guide me and suggest changes if any. Thanks

Unable to sleep

I am unable to sleep without medicines and if i leave the medicines i suffer from other side effects also. I am taking clonotril and ola as medicine for being an entrepreneur

Pease help(sleeping prob)

Last night I was thinking about future at that time I was feeling slight sleep but I continued day dreaming so at 1 am tried to sleep but no results tried all tricks(fails) stayed awake for entire night just had slight sleep of half hour between.Almost month ago this continued for 7 days wrost 7 days of my life. I'm student and this affects my studies badly. I try to stop my mind but it always fails.Please suggest something and it would be better if solution is possible at home


Hello, I am troubling with my sleep everyday, past two years this is a consistent problem bothering me. It's hard for me to have an uninterrupted quality sleep. I rarely feel like sleeping in night. I focus not to stress but still something or other keeps rolling in my mind. Please guide me.

Always feel sleepy

I sleep alot but after waking up i still feel like sleeping more and more....this is my exam tine and i sont want to aleep more....i approximately sleep for 10 or 12 hrs. But after that also i feel sleepy and want to sleep more