Sleepiness Cure

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Feequent naps

I frequently doze off while I am at work or in meetings, even when I travel via public transports I doze off. I am unable to control my sleep. Some night I sleep well still I feel sleepy during daytime, and some nights I am not able to sleep again sleepy next day.

Sleep disorder

When I wake up from sleep I see many blackspots near to bulb.Also I have excessive day time sleepiness.I cant concenteate in class because I feel sleepy.should I consult a doctor.

Suffering with Insomnia,

Respected Sir, I am teacher of Educational Organization since 8 years, I am suffering with insomnia last one Month and getting headache sometimes, please give any suggestion

Irregular sleep

I think my body clock is all messed up. I am unable to sleep the entire night. Once I sleep it hard to wake up. I do not wake up even after 9 hours of sleep. Also my sleep is very very deep. I can sleep through an earthquake.

I am suffering from sleep disturbance.

I am suffering from persistent somnolence,nasal stiffness, snoring++,sleep disturbance,and I wanna get rid of these ,,kindly help me.