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All time panic his mind

My mother couldn't belive my father, she all time thought my father always doing wrong,she always follow him & tourcher him and thought something he doing wrong, also thought all person of of our area help him to doing Wrong. Her thought is always kalpanik it couldn't possible to happen.

Anxiety tension in functions pointed on

I have my marriage in next month ...i feel so tens and anxiety becuase during any pooja my hands was mother also like can i jump this situation.please help me.

Having anxiety

I am having anxiety issues. Due to which I am not able to sleep in night. On regular basis in duration of 1-2 weeks I have this issue.

Ocpd vs ocd (treatment )

1- What is the main difference between ocd and obsessive compulsive personality disorder ? 2- how similar are the treatment plans ?

Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder. .... . ..Anger stress screaming bad words. . Cursing.. beating.... ..,.............

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Expectations- How Much Is Too Little?

Expectations basically means to set a belief that everything will run great in life, without any hitch. This is where the problem begins! Life is a series of events and not everything always turns out the way we planned. Trouble begins when we expect that everything or everyone will bring the ...

Krishna's 5 Life Coaching Lessons to Modern Day Arjuna

“If you treat every situation as a life and death matter, you’ll die a lot of times.”– Dean SmithIt’s morning hours in Kurukshetra. The war is about to begin. And our hero "Arjuna" is in tears. He is trembling with the dry throat thinking “how can I get into a war with my ...

Family Pornography Destroys Kids"my Mum Dresses Up Before Me"!

I counselled a young guy who was addicted to pronography He told me he can't do without it. One thing that struck me in his confession was when he said, 'my mum caused all this for me'.Curiosity got hold of me & I asked him, how? He said, my mum has always been dressing up before me, ...

Pedophilia ஒரு அலசல்

நம் அனைவருக்கும் ஹாசினி மரணம் ஒரு பெரிய பாதிப்பை ஏற்படுத்தியுள்ளது.என்னுடைய  மனவருத்தத்தை ...

7 Habits of Emotionally Evolved People

You can train the physical body to do tremendous physical activities. You can train your brain to become smarter. Similar is the case with emotions. Emotional quotient or EQ is like IQ which measures your ability to handle emotions. Not everybody has their emotions mastered, but there are some ...

Dr. Safiya M.S - Psychiatrist
Dr. Safiya M.S Psychiatrist (MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy, MBBS, DPM (Psychiatry)) 8 years experience Mind & Brain Clinic
2225 recommendations Sahakaranagar, Bangalore INR 750
Dr. Geetha Appachhu - Psychologist
Dr. Geetha Appachhu Psychologist (Post doctoral research in collaboration with NTNU, PhD - Psychology, Masters in Clinical Psychology, Bachelors Degree with Psychology Honours & Distinction) 25 years experience Swapreran - Psychological Counselling and Wellness Clinic
155 recommendations BTM Layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore INR 1000
Dr. Vinod Chebbi - Psychologist
Dr. Vinod Chebbi Psychologist (B.Sc, MBBS, F-CSEPI, MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy, Certified Meta - NLP) 41 years experience Medisex Foundation
122 recommendations Rajajinagar, Bangalore INR 2000
Mr. Nitin Mehra - Psychologist
Mr. Nitin Mehra Psychologist (Master In Counselling Psychology, B.Tech - Computer Sciences) 6 years experience Avishi Dental World & Multi-Speciality Clinic
160 recommendations HSR Layout, Bangalore INR 1000
Dr. Chaya Jambigi - Ayurveda
Dr. Chaya Jambigi Ayurveda (BAMS, M.Sc - Psychology, PhD - Psychology, MSc - Yoga) 12 years experience Serenity Wellness Institute
45 recommendations JP Nagar 7 Phase, Bangalore INR 250