Schistosomiasis Treatment

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Unsure of what's going on.

I'm very nervous. Took HIV test 6 weeks and 8 weeks after exposure. Both were negative. 60 second biolytical finger prick test. Had a wreck and hit my head pretty hard. Now numbness and joint pain. Face pain as well. Throat feels like its closing. Do you think it's HIV?

Afternoon fatigue? causes/help?

I recently started going to bed earlier so that i could wake up in time for school, as i was missing the bus. i’ve been feeling a bit more rested when i wake up in the morning now, which has become less difficult, however i’ve noticed that ever since i started this i find myself feeling extremely fatigued (but not sleepy or feeling like i could fall asleep immediately)— this feeling has been starting every day in the early afternoon. i don’t eat as much as i should, incase that influences this.

Viral fever

Hi, I am in fever from past three days. Its like sometime temperature goes up and sometimes down. From past three days I am consuming boiled water a lot and also taking glucon D. I am also taking full normal diet. It started when three days back in the evening I had half litre child water then it turns out to neck pain cough and then fever. From that time temperature is going up and down simultaneously. I have taken paracetamol. Its making me sweat and temperature is going down. But again later temperature is raising high. Please suggest what should I do to get rid of this fever.

Suffering from fever

These are the reports,but still i am having fever from last 7 days.I am taking paracitamol right now with cough syrup. I am also having throat pain.The cough is slightly yellowish.

Dry cough from.1 week

Hi I am suffering from dry cough from last 1 week. I have taken cough syrup for the same and strepcils but still the cough is not cured. Can you recommend what needs to be done for this.

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Apple, bananas,guavas,pomegranate,berries,citrus...

Eat Regional. Eat Seasonal. Diet rich in fruits is alkaline diet which is recommended for Hypertensives,Diabetics & to manage other diseases related to Faulty Lifestyles.An apple a day,keeps the doctor away !Is it so?There are no doubts about benefits of eating apples ...

Reversal of Type 2 Diabetes Without Medication

3 Types of Diabetes and each has different causes and treatment.Type 1 is called Juvenile DiabetesIt is felt by a younger lot and only Insulin + Diet is the therapy.The pancreas cannot make enough insulin and people have to depend upon injections of insulin to ...

Til Gul Ghya God God Bola

Hello Everyone, a very happy Makarsankranti to all of you. This health feed is to make you aware of the importance of TIl Gul (sesame with Jaggery) and its relevance as health Promotion. The very first question that comes to our mind is why Til Gul and nothing else. The logic lies in ...

5 Ways by Which You Can Be Free From Hypertension

Can anyone be free from (Hyper) Tension and Live Like a Free Bird? Some tensions are healthy and it is an art to fight them while modifying the Lifestyle:1) Avoid Triggers which cause mood swings: Trigger can be different for each one of us. Identify them and learn to live and ...

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