Rheumatoid Arthritis Treatment

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High WBC count

My father is having high WBC count but no symptoms of leuko cytosis in blood smear test and spleen test.Both of th test results were normal.He is stable no fever and no inflammations , but still the count varies every time from 52000 - 28000.

Weakness in body

Hi am suffering from weakness under weight , what is the problem in body I can't understand symptoms Many doctors I consult but no result there so what to do reccomend me

Skin or maybe blood

Whenever I go out in the sunlight, or walk too fast , exercise, shout or do any kind of physical activity or just sit under a high power light source or wear heavy clothes My whole body suffers a sensation of someone poking me with needles all over my body , like a 100 needles everywhere at a time which makes me absolutely uncomfortable and I can't go out to do anything. This problem has been for the last 2 years and made my social life absolutely bad. I have been treated a few times but the relief stops within the 4 days of my prescribed drugs course by dermatologists being over. I wonder how long will it effect me . Well inspite of this my blood monocytes count is 00 , and I am an asthmatic patient from the last 7 years , extremely sensetive to dust, smoke etc. The only medicine that gave me proper result is WYSOLONE 10 , ,But my physician told me not to take it as it has side effects. Please help , I will be really grateful to you sir/madam. Please help me restore my life again.

Continues body pain

Continues fever body pain dry skin head pain spinal pain lack of sensation dry eyes dry nails energyless swelling problem

Not gaining weight

I have an immunity problem i never gain weight so i am not able to digest anything i am 25 and my wight is 52 and if i try to have any supplement then after leave that my wiight comes again to 52 so please let me know any medicine and what to do

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