Rheumatic Arthritis Treatment

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Ribs fracture

As per x ray of chest and left obl view , fracture seen at 5th rib on left side. at present i am using chest belt and gemcal 500 tablet . please let me is this curable and how many week takes to heal the same.

Knee pain for last weeks

I am suffering from knee pain since last 2 weeks. I am concerned about it now. Kindly advise on the same.

Is my foot broken? Misdiagnosed?

Two weeks ago I fell and couldn't walk on my foot. Went to the ER. X-rays done. They said there was no break but that I had torn the ligaments in my ankle. They gave me a leg brace. A week later I still could not bear weight on it and it was still blue, and I could not (and still can't) feel my toes, so I went to my GP. She said it's normal. Now a week later it is STILL no better. The pain and bruising is on top of my foot close to my toes.

De quervain

I have a de quervain problem.  Currently i am using iceing everyday, but there is no improvement. Is ultrasound therapy would be effective?

Knee replacement doctors in Apollo delhi

We want to know the best doctor in Apollo Delhi for knee replacement, please tell us the doctor name so that we can contact them.

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Poverty for the Poor and Obesity for the Rich

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Muhammad Ali, who died at the age of  74 suffered from Parkinson’s disease. He couldn’t have had a worsened condition to trouble him in  the later years of his life. For the self-proclaimed Greatest Boxer Ever who was also known for his ability ...

Dr. B.G. Dharmanand - Rheumatologist
Dr. B.G. Dharmanand Rheumatologist (MBBS, MD - General Medicine, DM - Rheumatology, FTTA in Rheumatology) 31 years experience Sakra World Hospital
84 recommendations Bellandur, Bangalore INR 800
Dr. Vijay Rao K R - Rheumatologist
Dr. Vijay Rao K R Rheumatologist (MBBS, MRCP (UK), MRCP Rheumatology, CCT - Rheumatology, FRCP (UK)) 16 years experience Divisha Arthritis and Medical Center
283 recommendations Basaveshwaranagar, Bangalore INR 650
Dr. Sharath Kumar - Rheumatologist
Dr. Sharath Kumar Rheumatologist (MBBS, MD - Pediatrics, DNB - Rheumatology, Graduate Certificate of Paediatric Rheumatology) 16 years experience Optima Arthritis & Rheumatology Clinic
2691 recommendations Mahalakshmi Layout, Bangalore INR 750
Dr. Yogesh Singh - Rheumatologist
Dr. Yogesh Singh Rheumatologist (MBBS, MD - Internal Medicine, DM - Clinical Immunology) 19 years experience Manipal Hospital Malleshwaram
206 recommendations Malleswaram, Bangalore INR 550
Dr. Nagaraj S - Rheumatologist
Dr. Nagaraj S Rheumatologist (MBBS, DNB - Rheumatology) 17 years experience Trust Rheumatology Arthiritis & Cardiology Clinic (TRACC)
22 recommendations Banashankari 3rd Stage, Bangalore INR 600