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I have body itching

It has been 2 months that I have body itching, I have visited doctor but It was not help me and still I have it, my body itching part change time to time, some time my leg, sometime my belly, and sometimes mu hand.

Rashes on whole body

Hi I am getting random rashes on my body on any part when sweat is retained on body. Also these come randomly when I am in home also Can you suggest what may be issue. I have gonw in consulation in pimple gurav and was given Techzine but that just supresses the itching but no permanent resolution.

Suffering from fungal infection

I have got fungal infection on my thighs near the pelvic area n little bit on my upper eyelid. constantly it itches n I have tried a lot of things and medicine. Please suggest as i am tired of taking medication n still suffering.

Rashes due to itching

I am having rashes due to itching. Irritation increases and affected area too. Mainly on thighs and arms and back. I want to know is it because of dry skin or any skin allergy.

Hairfall and no regrowth

I lost hair for last 3 years was not skin in head was visible..more gap between the hairs...and my hair is also too soft...i took minoxidil 5% for 75 days,xgain shampoo 75 days, btn ultra tabs for 30 days and Hh omega tabs for 30 days by consulting a dermetologist...i stopped this because my hair starts to greying and ther is no improvement in hair regrowth...and also in my family all are having adequate hair...and also I notice that hairs fall throughout the body but it were regrown sufficiently when compared to head there were more gaps between the nearby hairs...

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