Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment

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Mood swings

I've stopped socializing lately deleted all my social accounts, talking to people seems like chores , i have trouble replying to people let alone meet them n make plans with them , mood swings, i suddenly cry for no reason, excessive negative thinking, very low concentration, lost interest in activities that i liked. Low self esteem.

Mood swings, paranoia, irritability

I've been having a lot of temper issues and mood swings since the past 2-3 months. I was diagnosed with psychosis and depression previously and was on meds which I stopped.

I want to kill myself

I feel alone and exhausted. I cry all the time. And the only thing I think will help is if I kill myself because that seems like the only way to stop this suffering.

Pain in head eys etc

I have anxiety related issues cant go for deep sleep cant function well constant fear and uncontrolled thoughts

10 mg citalopram and alcohol

I have been on 10 mg citalopram and am 24. I want to be able to socialize with friends and have a few drinks. Could this kill me? How dangerous is this?

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Dr. Safiya M.S - Psychiatrist
Dr. Safiya M.S Psychiatrist (MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy, MBBS, Diploma in Psychiatry) 8 years experience Mind & Brain Clinic
2304 recommendations Sahakaranagar, Bangalore INR 750
Dr. Geetha Appachhu (PhD) - Psychologist
Dr. Geetha Appachhu (PhD) Psychologist (Post doctoral research in collaboration with NTNU, PhD - Psychology, Masters in Clinical Psychology, Bachelors Degree with Psychology Honours & Distinction) 25 years experience Swapreran - Psychological Counselling and Wellness Clinic
162 recommendations BTM Layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore INR 1500
Dr. Chaya Jambigi - Ayurveda
Dr. Chaya Jambigi Ayurveda (BAMS, MS - Psychology, PhD - Psychology, MSc - Yoga) 12 years experience Serenity Wellness Institute
74 recommendations JP Nagar, Bangalore INR 350
Dr. Sulata Shenoy (PhD) - Psychologist
Dr. Sulata Shenoy (PhD) Psychologist (PhD - Psychology, MA - Clinical Psychology, M.Phil - Psychology) 25 years experience Cloudnine Kids
12 recommendations Jayanagar, Bangalore INR 500
Ms. Hema Sampath - Psychologist
Ms. Hema Sampath Psychologist (MSc - Applied Psychology, Diploma in Counselling Skills, NLP) 11 years experience Regenerating Lives
181 recommendations BTM Layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore INR 1000