Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Treatment

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How to sharp my memories

Dr. I am an engineering student in Final Year. and my problem is regarding my memory power.which is very less.How and what should I do to increase my memory power.

Not getting sound sleep

I m not getting good sleep for the past 3-4 months. I don't have the habit of sleeping at daytime but still unable to get sound sleep at nighttime. Pls help me out.

Obsessive compulsive dosirder

We have noticed symptoms of OCD in our mother. She goes into depression when she has fight with any of family member and may also start hitting herself at times. What kind of doctor should we visit? Who is best doctor in Mumbai to treat this

Constant feeling of guilt, anxiety

I feel anxious in office. I want to runaway someplace where I could get peace. I feel I will never be good at anything in my life. I have difficulty in expressing my thoughts especially negative ones.

Need pshycologist

Am suffing from phobia in 7 years...i have anxity problem...need doctor.....please help me....

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Pedophilia ஒரு அலசல்

நம் அனைவருக்கும் ஹாசினி மரணம் ஒரு பெரிய பாதிப்பை ஏற்படுத்தியுள்ளது.என்னுடைய  மனவருத்தத்தை ...

Internet Addiction Disorder

Addiction to the internet is the most threatening issue in India. 53% of total population of India is addicted to the Internet as per a research survey. This is higher than the global addiction population which is only 51%. Continuous advancement in technology has made internet accessible to ...

Quality of Life Among Perimenopausal Women

Quality of life among perimenopausal women                         Menopause is the time in women’s lives when menstrual periods stop permanently. It is defined as absence of menstrual periods for 12 months. The term ...


Dear All, kindly take few minutes to read all this below content,( This write up may help all women who works as tele -callers( Call centers/BPO)Case Mr. Bala ,aged 19yrs called an women/ men over the phone asking relating to sex in an indecent or offensive way. He feels to call by ...

Stages of Relationships (Be Aware N Alter) for Healthy Relationship.

Pre-Marriage -Marriage is one of the most important and life-changing decisions you’ll ever make. Make sure your marriage starts on a solid foundation with these resources for every bride and groom-to-be.New Marriage- Reality begins when the honeymoon ends. ...

Dr. Geetha Appachhu - Psychologist
Dr. Geetha Appachhu Psychologist (Post doctoral research in collaboration with NTNU, PhD - Psychology, Masters in Clinical Psychology, Bachelors Degree with Psychology Honours & Distinction) 25 years experience Swapreran - Psychological Counselling and Wellness Clinic
148 recommendations BTM Layout 2nd Stage, Bangalore INR 1000
Dr. Safiya M.S - Psychiatrist
Dr. Safiya M.S Psychiatrist (MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy, MBBS, DPM (Psychiatry)) 8 years experience Mind & Brain Clinic
2147 recommendations Sahakaranagar, Bangalore INR 750
Dr. Vinod Chebbi - Psychologist
Dr. Vinod Chebbi Psychologist (B.Sc, MBBS, F-CSEPI, MS - Counselling and Psychotherapy, Certified Meta - NLP) 41 years experience Medisex Foundation
118 recommendations Rajajinagar, Bangalore INR 2000
Mr. Nitin Mehra - Psychologist
Mr. Nitin Mehra Psychologist (Master In Counselling Psychology, B.Tech - Computer Sciences) 6 years experience Avishi Dental World & Multi-Speciality Clinic
136 recommendations HSR Layout, Bangalore INR 1000
Dr. Sulata Shenoy - Psychologist
Dr. Sulata Shenoy Psychologist (PhD - Psychology, MA - Clinical Psychology, M.Phil - Psychology) 39 years experience Turning Point Psychological Centre
12 recommendations Jayanagar 4 Block, Bangalore INR 800