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Carpel tunnel syndrome

As directed by the physician got the NCV test done along with vit D, RA Factor, Tsh test done. All seems ok except NCV and Vit.D. As per NCV, there is severe CT in wrists. Please advise course of treatment. Rgds.


Patient is not able to stand on feet.he is feeling nausea.feeling dizzy also.not eating anythin in case he will vomit.

Shoulder pain and weakness in left arm

Its since long time that i have weakness in left arm and feels less control on the same. Recently, while lifting weights in gym, my left shoulder got injured. Its been more than a month and it still pain on particular moment. Apart from this, shivering of both hands is observed many times.

Pain in tail bone

Constant pain in tail bone from last 1 week. Sometimes the pain is so severe that movement becomes difficult.

Hi Dr,what abt my Ring finger pain

In my previous msg I asked about my Ring finger pain. Y it's paining. I can't understand. I got injury on my left hand thumb, I lost my left hand thumb but ring finger also paining. Is there could be any muscle damage ??? Or wat. Bcoz other 3 fingers are OK. Help me Dr pls. I'll be very thankful to you Dr. I am from ratnagiri, Maharashtra. Working in Bahrain as a mechanical technician since 2008. I know that it's happened, I am not worried about it. I worried about my Ring finger pain only. Here Dr gave me some medicine for pain killer. I am taking these medicines on time. My worry about my Ring finger only.

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How to Prevent Sports Injuries & Improve Performance:

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Managing & Prevention of Hip Fractures

How to prevent hipbone fracture?First and foremost, it is advised to adopt a healthy lifestyle in young age in order to build a healthy bone, which decreases the chance of bone fractures in older age. Always remember to maintain a healthy bone. Calcium and vitamin D both are very ...

Recovery Time for Knee Arthroscopy

Recovery time for knee Arthroscopy varies from individual to individual. Knee arthroscopy surgery is more beneficial than open knee surgery. In knee arthroscopy surgery, doctor will make a very small incision and insert a tiny camera in your skin. That camera is called as arthroscope.  With ...

Why Is My Ankle Sprain Not Getting Better?

Most ankle injuries get better with rest, ice packs, painkillers and physiotherapy with no long-term problems. However, in about 5-10% the pain and instability may continue beyond the usual healing time of 6 to 12 weeks. The ligaments may fail to heal properly and become weak, or there may be ...

Why You Should Not Ignore a Knee Injury

Sports injuries leading to knee pain and swelling are very common scenario among the young, active population. Most of such incidents happen while playing Soccer (Football), Tennis, Badminton, Dancing and even skating.We commonly see patients with twisting injuries presenting with sharp ...

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