Nephronophthisis Treatment

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Pain in Lower abdomen

Mild continuous Pain in lower abdomen right bottoms since today morning. as per the Ultrasound Mild Fullness in PC system is seen.

Protein in Urine

Last 4 year taking regular Repace 25 in one time . In Urine protein found in test ++ . I am visiting on Doctor every 6 months , but treatment is same . Is there is risk in future please advice. I have No sugar and my BP is always 75/120 .i monitor my self at Home. I am based in Andheri west .my business is Legal & finance consultantancy. My parameters is normal .i do regular exercise

Sir I have heavy bladder all the time

Sir I have to go to wash room back and again and feel like urinating the entire day few months back stone was detected that is all my medical history don't have dibatess already diagnosed for it I swet a lot and also feel thirsty back and again

Urine problem

Poor flow ,variable flow and quantity ,and burning with urine. Improper fluid balance in body. Feels tired every time. Slight puffing on whole body. Nauseous and intolerable headache. Poor hung and sleep, whole body pain.

Involuntary urination

Since some days when I go to pass urine it is inturbted and even after passing uring some come out involuntarly spoiling my clothes. I had similar problems in past n I had gone for endoscopy of urethral plz suggest me a solution

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What Is an Edema?

Edema - a terminology used to denote swelling. It usually occurs because of - 1.) Inflammation, and 2.) Fluid retention, 3.) Blockage of any major vein and lymph passage. Edema / swelling due to inflammation may occur after trauma, infection and may develop over any part of the body. Edema ...

Approach to Blood in Urine

Smoky or tea coloured urine can be a marker of blood in urine, medically known as Hematuria. Frank blood may be present at times. These episodes of hematuria may be painless or associated with pain. Sometimes blood may be incidentally detected on examination of urine for some other ...

The Kidneys And Diseases Affecting Kidney Function

THE KIDNEYS The kidneys are two organs that are located in the lower back, one on each side of the spine. They are about the size of a clenched fist. The Nephron is the functional unit of the kidney and contains a specialized structure called the glomerulus within which filtration of ...

Chronic Kidney Disease - Silent Killer

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a condition in which kidneys are damaged and their ability to keep a person healthy is decreased. The main role of the kidneys is to filter waste products from the blood before converting them into urine. The kidneys also:Help maintain blood ...

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