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Constant boils

I've frequent boils on my skin. It occurs at absurd places, like on a thigh, near armpit etc. What to do?

Having chronic dandruff

Having dandruff since many years. Tried everything but it returns back. Please suggest what to do. Because of dandruff hairs are gettinf white and hairfall is also increasing.

Face breakout

I am having trouble with breakouts on my face. I am 44 YO and always used goat soap yo clean my face. In the last two months I almost look like I hv a rash on my face. Mainly my cheek area and forehead. Sometimes it itches. I hv out Benedryl cream in my face no success. That dried it out and it flaked off. I need help I hate my skin like this

Scaly patches

I have scaly patches on my face,near the apple of cheeks, below the lips and also there is itchiness and dryness on these areas, it started 2-3 weeks before. I have a rabbit pet and it licks my face all over, I believe it started since then coz of its saliva.

Foot corn on left leg

Found one mole like corn one year before and since one month it started increasing and creating pain

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As we age, our skin loses its youthful fullness. Fillers can replace lost volume in our face and hands.Many fillers offer immediate results and no downtime.Fillers are also Called-Anti-aging injectableDermal fillerSkin fillerSoft tissue augmentationSoft tissue ...

How to Administer Full Body Phototherapy

UVB phototherapyrefers to exposure of the affected area to Ultraviolet light (311-312 nmwavelength). Full BodyChamber The full bodychamber comprises of either 24 tubes or 48 tubes and looks like a small cubiclehaving a dosimeter to set the dose. There are many companies ...

Permanent Makeup: Apply It Once and Forget About It for the Rest of Your Life!

The attractiveness of permanent makeup is that you just will rise each morning with utterly designed eyebrows, spectacularly outlined eyes, and sensual-looking lips while not lifting a finger. Wish that permanent makeup won’t wear off and need to see their best the least bit times.Other than ...

Summer Skin Tips

Whether you are just running errands during summer or sweating out hard in the sun, you are at risk of getting damage from the sun. Wrinkles, dark spots, tanning, sunburn even sun allergies occur due to excessive sun exposure. So for this summer face the sun rays with more confidence while you ...

Do Not Use an Anti Dandruff Shampoo on Regular Use

1. Do not use an anti dandruff shampoo on regular use, especially the over the counter ones as canlead to early graying of hair and also, damage the hair root and shaft on chronic usage. Do notcomb wet hair rigorously I am sure most readers would know the reason but still many do! Butpatience is ...

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