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Brain problem

My relative Having checking for eye issue,took a ct scan but A small leisure over posterior pituitary found in ct scan and asked to go for mri scan. in Last few days while sleeping on left side, right side arm gets a feel( like what we get in leg when we sit in a place for long time without moving) the same while sleeping right side,lets side arm gets that feel. What will be the problem in the brain.can you please tell me

Temporary Numbness in left hand and face

Hi, I have sciatica pain, for past few days I am also feeling pain in left side of neck. Yesterday, all of sudden my left hand got numb and then I started feeling numb on my left face too for a minute and then if became normal. What kind of symptom it is and whom should I consult. Thanks

Constant headache

I was rolling out of bed and i hit my right temple on my side table. my parents say it's nothing but my nurse says it might be something. the constant headache will not go away. i have also had a hard time processing thoughts completely in math class.

Heaviness in head

Heaviness in back of head and upper head while working on pc  light sensitivity, strain in eyes, eye floaters. Daily office work seems to be a burden.

Habit of fogettimg regard

I am 38 years old , from last 2 years I have a different kind of problem that when I visited a new place I usually forgot the directions from which side I came and where to go and different images comes in my mind . is there any problem with me??

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Is a Midday Siesta Good for You? It Can Have Both Psychological and Professional Advantages

A power nap at the workplace can boost your creativity. When we are young, napping is an essential part of our schedule. But as we grow older and our schedules become hectic, we barely have the time to sleep. “A lot of research is pointing to the fact that a short nap in the afternoon ...

Seizures: (Names – Fits, Convulsions)

Seizures are situations where there is a brief alteration in motor, sensory, autonomic or behaviour function.It could be due to various causes.Causes:Anoxic – lack of oxygen, Syncope( Fainting)Cardiac – heart abnormalities causing lack of blood supply to brain.Febrile ...

Headache in Children: What to Look Out For

Headache is a common problem complained by children. I am going to give you some ideas of when to seek help.The primary fear for any parent is whether my child has a brain tumour. The good news is that it is extremely rare.What to look for:Headache in ...

Febrile Convulsions

Febrile Convulsion( The terms Convulsion, fit and seizure are used interchangeably with the same meaning)It is a fairly common condition which parents find very scary. The aim of this article is to help parents deal with this condition with confidence.Febrile convulsion is ...

Epilepsy in Children

A seizure is a disruption of the electrical communication between neurons. There are different types of seizures ranging from subtle absences up to life threatening tonic clonic movement (vigorous shaking) in which sudden stiffening and shaking of body associated with unresponsiveness,loss of ...

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