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I have continous loose motion

I have continous loose motion for last 12hrs. It is going like pure water. I had vomiting also. For every 20mins I m getting motion

Constant headache

I always get headache regularly. In a week I get headache atleast 3-4days. I find difficult to lift my head and it will be too severe. At the time I also have sneezing. It's not oly because of dust. When I start sneezing it will be continuous without stopping. I get running nose, eyes starts itching, headache an so on. I have consulted many doctors but it is of no use. So I request you to give good suggestion as what to do?

Severe throat pain with fever

Severe throat pain, Difficulty in swallowing and Fever since Thursday. Today cough with lot of phlegm. Age 34, male.

RectL prolapse surgery

Hi, I had rectal prolapse surgery I took 6months off, 7months until I returned to the gym. I am a bodybuilder and I want to keep growing which requires strength training my Doctor said after 4months a was fine but be cautious but I researched online and it stated I should basically never lift heavy again, but I am a bodybuilder its my life style, I have decided to syop doing SBB exercise this year ? HELP please

Feeling hot all over body without temp

Burning sensation all over body without fever. Torso feels dry and feeling allergic but not very itchy. Gentle rub of the torso is relaxing. This is coupled with drippy nose. Bloated stomach after having rice and egg with some red chilly flakes for breakfast. All started yesterday morning. Woke up with my face feeling hot. Knowledge of this feeling graduated to hands and feet and since yesterday morning, been feeling like this. I'm 47yrs old. Not sure what has aggravated this feeling. The previous night that is 26th I had two shots of Rum and prawns for Dinner. I don't drink regularly, the last I had was two weeks bk. I don't take non-veg often especially sea foods. The last I had prawns was a year or two bk.

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Abcd of Hair Transplant

Are you feeling sad by seeing your hair in the comb? Do you suffer from low self esteem because of hair loss or wearing cap to hide your baldness? But now you don’t need to worry on this because getting back your natural hair is just one step away. Most important aspect is one can grow hair ...

How to Deal With Depression/mental Illnesses?

Too Many knots in life but None to open up to. Recently a Judge from Supreme Court was asked to undergo a test for Mental Illness. He being a learned person knew his human rights to Refuse The Test for Mental Illness.What about us , the ordinary humans , who can be labeled ...

3 Different Ways to Avoid Unwanted Pregnancies.

Every Pregnancy is precious for the mother to be. Even doctors conducting MTP for Unwanted pregnancies feel for the woman/girl , specially if she happens to be Just 10 years old.Accept it that we are a confused nation, passing through transition of being Proud Indians vs. Liberated ...

How to Swallow Big Fat Tablets/ Capsules.

We have come across cases where adult sensitive women want syrups in place of tablets as they find Swallowing Difficult and downright unpleasant. It causes one in three people to gag, vomit ,or Choke.Calcium tablets with Vitamin D added are Huge and so is our Routine ...

7 Ways That Can Reduce Your Wrinkles

1) Be one with Nature. Eat Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables but No Juices except the home made or covered fruits like Coconut water.2) Do not visit beauty parlors except for basics. Never let the Novice at parlor Experiment on your skin by promising you the moon like a Fair complexion / ...

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