Malocclusion Treatment

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Mouth problem ..unable to eat food

Unable to eat Medium spicy food ....feels as if mouth is burning g like u eat hot chillies...gums have become dark red and they have become sensitive....pls advice

Sensitivity in teeth

By using biqol since 4 momth now i feel sensitively in my all teeth.. Im breast cancer patient.. Im going through chemotherapy.. What will i do now

Tooth sensitivity

My right side two lower to one upper teeth are paining when eat sweet items it gets sensitivity

Dental health

Does after removing comooneer teeth look worst then it was before I want to remove componeer from my front three teeth and want ortho treatment to close the gap should I go for it.

Jaw pain on right side

My friend has been experiencing growing pain on her right jaw over the past couple days. Currently the pain is becoming unbearable. However, if she chews on something (like gum) it relieves the pain as long as she continues chewing.

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What Is a Tooth- Selfie ! video in the above link, is about a device called an INTRA ORAL CAMERA.This is used to capture images of the teeth, which are then displayed on a large monitor or computer ...

Orthodontics, the Magic Behind a Beautiful Smile

You can change your smile through the “Magic of Orthodontics,” the original smile-maker technique. Orthodontics is a sub-specialty of dentistry that is devoted to the study and treatment of malocclusions (improper bites). And there really is a certain magic in the way that teeth actually can ...

You’re Never Too Old for Orthodontic Treatment

It may come as a surprise that some 20% of all orthodontic patients are adults. But it really shouldn't! When you consider the social and professional advantages of investing in your smile, the benefits are clear. Plus, with the less-noticeable orthodontic appliances that are available today, ...

Stay Cool, but Protect Your Teeth

When the summer sun is beating down, what can you do to stay cool?If you're tempted to grab an ice cold soda or a tall glass of lemonade, you might want to think twice. The combination of acid and sugar in these drinks can harm your teeth. Water is an excellent way to stay refreshed and ...

Kids’ First Dental Visit— Start It Right and Start It Early!

Many parents think that baby teeth are not that important and some do not see the need to take their children to the dentist. What most parents should realize is that, proper dental care begins as soon as baby’s first tooth emerges from the gums. First visits are mostly about getting the ...

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