Malignant Fibrous Histiocytoma Radiology

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Please explain it

The cellular smear shows superficial , intermediate and squamous metaplastic cells admixed with neutrophils. Doderlein bacilli present.

Jaw cancer

I operated my jaw cancer on 26 to April 2018 with fibula flap from chest muscles on my left side of jaw. My left side cheek is much swollen so looking very bad. Doctor told it will take time to be in shape. My voice is not clear. Doctor told me it will take time to be recover.

I want to know PCV chemotherapy

I have Oligodendroglaoma grade 2 stage.Second time Brain Tumor surgery done. Now radiation therapy is going on after than Dr told me for PCV CHEMOTHERAPY. I want to know the proper diet in those time.

Ulcers in throat region

Ulcers in throat region and bleeding while coughing every morning.Is it the signs of lungs cancer???

Breast prrobllem

Talk about my mammography report there is an illdefined opacity in order part of right breast. no calcification is seen. there is no obvious focal distortion or deformity of trabeculae. no microcalcifications or abnormal vascularity is seen.. there is no focal cutaneous thickening in the profile of breast.. left breast is normal

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Diabetes and Cancer: Connect or Disconnect?

Diabetes Can Increase Cancer RiskDiabetes and cancer represent two complex, diverse, chronic, and potentially fatal diseases. Both are lifestyle disease and are closely associated with each other. Cancer is the second leading cause of death, while diabetes is the seventh leading cause of ...

Exercises to Do After Mastectomy

1)Shoulder shrug b) While you sit or stand, lift your shoulders toward your ears. Relax your shoulders,and let them drop to their usual position. 2) Shoulder roll While you sit or stand, roll your shoulders from front to back and up to down.3)Shoulder ...

Thyroid Surgery: Do I Deserve a Scar?

No You Don't.Thyroid is a located in front of the neck which is involved in secretion of a hormone called thyroxine. This gland can develop more than 100 types of diseases. Some of these diseases require the gland to be removed by surgery. As you can imagine, a surgery over neck would leave ...

Say No to Tobacco

Oral or mouth cancer is one of the most common cancers in Asia and most of it is caused by tobacco. These are disfiguring cancers which can only be made better by endoscopic surgeries like minimally invasive neck dissection. Tobacco has an interesting ...

Meteoric Rise of Laparoscopy in Cancer Surgery

Less Pain, Quick Recovery, Same CureThe 1980s heralded the development of laparoscopic general surgical procedures, with the first laparoscopic cholecystectomy being performed by Mühe in Germany on September 12th 1985. This was followed in 1991 by the first reports of ...

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